‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Bo’s Shocked To Learn About Hope’s Wedding

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week reveal that when Steve “Patch” Johnson tells Bo Brady that his ex-wife, Hope Brady, is about to marry a new man, Aiden Jennings, he’ll be completely shocked and heartbroken.

According to the Days of Our Lives spoilers and forum page, Bo Brady’s shock over Hope’s wedding and new life will lead him to vow to return to her and Salem in time to stop her from making the big mistake of marrying Aiden Jennings.

Bo and Hope Brady Days of Our Lives
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As Bo has been away for years, DOOL fans only recently found that that he has been held prisoner at least for the last year by people wanting to get their hands on the same medical serum that Victor got to help Caroline through her memory crisis. Bo likely has no idea that Hope even divorced him, and now that Steve has come to rescue him, but finds himself being kept captive as well, Bo will unfortunately learn that Hope hasn’t been eagerly awaiting his return home, but has moved on with another man, Aiden, whom she plans to marry in a matter of days.

Meanwhile, Bo Brady won’t be the only one who is unhappy about Hope’s new man. Last week, Days of Our Lives fans watched as Bo and Hope’s son, Shawn Douglas Brady, returned home to Salem for the first time in years. This week, as Hope and Shawn reconnect, she’ll learn that her son isn’t keen on the fact that she’s marrying Aiden Jennings. Shawn D. will question Aiden’s motives for marrying his mother, and he has every right to doubt his future step-father.

As DOOL fans know, Aiden has been hiding a lot of secrets from Hope. He hid the story about his first wife’s death from her until she basically dragged it out of him. He hid the fact that he was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, and now he’s hiding that he’s been working for Stefano. Stefano DiMera hired Aiden to get close to Hope and make her forget about Bo. Now, Andre DiMera wants Aiden to kill Hope after their wedding and collect her life insurance money.

Days of Our Lives Hope and Shawn Douglas Brady.

However, Aiden’s feeling guilty about the new plan. Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that the plan to kill Hope is weighing so heavily on Aiden’s mind that he’ll get drunk and be very close to confessing everything he’s been hiding to his future wife, who has been very understanding of his past indiscretions.

It looks like it may be a race to the altar. Aiden will be marrying Hope, seeming against Shawn Douglas’ wishes, and possibly even sealing her death certificate if she says her wedding vows to Mr. Jennings, as Bo Brady tries to escape his imprisonment with help from his best friend, Steve “Patch” Johnson, and rush back to Salem as fast as he can to stop Hope and Aiden’s wedding.

While fans are hoping that Bo will be successful in stopping the wedding, much like he has been in the past when he didn’t want Hope to marry another man, it doesn’t seem that Bo and Hope have a future together. Actor Peter Reckell isn’t returning to Days of Our Lives permanently, so what can become of the fan-favorite super couple? Rumors that Bo may die have surfaced online, and if Hope can’t be with Bo, then maybe she’ll end up with Rafe Hernandez, who has been carrying a torch for her for a year now.

Whatever happens, one thing is for sure: there is going to be a big Bo and Hope reunion moment in the near future, and soon their entire family, including daughter Sierra, daughter-in-law Belle, and granddaughter Claire will all be together again for the first time in about seven years. DOOL fans won’t want to miss a moment of the drama.

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