Sign Up Not Required: Meals And Events For Military And Veterans To Enjoy On Veterans Day

With Veterans Day just around the corner, many restaurants are offering meals as well as appetizers or desserts for military personnel and veterans who want to enjoy them. Different discounts and special offers have different requirements although often no sign up is required.

To be prepared, it’s a good idea to carry military discharge papers (DD 214) to receive these offers. Other ways to prove identity include a driver’s license that includes veteran status and for those still serving or retired, a military ID card will work. Some offers may be available online. The easiest way to prove military or veteran status is to use the site ID.Me, which uses government records to verify honorable service or current status.

Meals include burgers and fries, steak, or even appetizers or desserts
Meals include burgers and fries, steak, or even appetizers or desserts [Photo from Public Domain]

For a complete list of requirements, the Military Wallet offers a list of ways to prove military service as well as find participating restaurants. One important tip is to call ahead to make sure that the offer is available at the selected location. Some of the top offers include a free meal at Applebees. They offer seven entrees to choose from, and proof of military service is required. Their offer is available on Veterans Day. There is nothing to sign up for, simply present identification at the time of service.

Another national chain offering a meal is Chili’s. Their offering includes either lunch or dinner from a select menu of food. As with Applebees, drinks and gratuity are not included and is dine-in only. Proof of military service is required, and it’s possible to visit their website to find a list of qualifying locations.

Food offers aren’t limited to meals, although restaurants like Chick-Fil-A are offering meals for those who want something quick. Some restaurants are offering breakfast, appetizers or desserts, and there’s no sign-up required, just proof of military service and a participating location. Denny’s offers military personnel and veterans an opportunity to build their own Grand Slam breakfast, and Carrabba’s offers a choice of appetizer with whatever meal is chosen. Check the list often as offers are subject to change and new listings are added.

According to the Sitrep, discounts and freebies aren’t limited to meals though. There are also many places across the country that offer discounts or even free admission to various events including the national parks.

One of the more notable offers available for veterans and military personnel is through Vet Tix. This site offers free tickets to concerts and other events, and it isn’t limited to just Veterans Day. Tickets are donated to the site for use by veterans and military personnel. Sign up to the site is required although it’s free. Users may either sign up to donate or receive tickets.

For those who enjoy amusement parks, SeaWorld may be the answer. In addition to managing Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, Sesame Place, and Aquatica, which offers free admission to military families, discounts are available to all military veterans on a seasonal basis. There are also discounts available to students and teachers. Sign up is required to make purchases on the site, however, sign up to the site is free.

Companies like Sea World offer free tickets to military personnel and discounts to veterans. [Photo Credit Matt Roberts/Getty Images Sport]

For those who love shopping and want to find offers online, Overstock offers their free O Club membership to veterans and military personnel. Those who sign up for the club receive free shipping on all purchases as well as a 5 percent discount on all merchandise purchased throughout the site. Like SeaWorld, users may access the discount by verifying service through the ID.Me site.

Do you know about any discounts, special offers or freebies for veterans and military personnel? Is a sign up required?

[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images News]