Now It’s Comet Impact Apocalypse: Earth In Greater Danger Of Catastrophic Meteor Impact Event Than Previously Thought, Says New Scientific Study

JohnThomas Didymus - Author

Nov. 4 2016, Updated 7:56 a.m. ET

A new scientific study has found that the Earth is in greater danger than previously thought of a catastrophic meteor impact due to comet showers as the Sun and its planetary system pass through the dense mid-plane of the Milky Way’s galactic disc.

According to researchers, analysis of new data suggests that there is a 26 to 30 million-year cycle of movement of our solar system in the spiral arms of our Milky Way galaxy that brings it into an “unsafe zone” of the galactic disc where the Earth is exposed to a higher risk of catastrophic meteor impacts. And according to researchers, evidence suggests that we are presently in the “unsafe zone” of the galactic disc.

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Analysis of more accurate newly available data covering 260 million years by Professor Michael Rampino at the New York University and Professor Ken Caldeira at the Carnegie Institution for Science reveals a 26 to 30 million-year cycle of impact events that coincide with the passage of our Sun and its planets through a dense mid-plane zone of our galaxy.

When our Sun passes through this zone, gravitational tidal forces acting on the Oort Cloud — a spherical cloud composed mostly of icy planetesimals located in the outermost reaches of the solar system — pull dangerous comet showers into the inner region of our solar system consisting of small rocky planets, including our Earth.


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