Tia Skinner, Renyatta Hamilton: TV One’s ‘For My Man’ Examines Killer Set Ups

The cases of Tia Skinner and Renyatta Hamilton will be portrayed in a new episode of TV One‘s For My Man. For My Man is a documentary series that brings you the latest in crimes committed by women who did it to please their men. The show debuted several weeks ago on TV One, as revealed in a previous Inquisitr article.

First up on this episode is the bizarre case of Tia Skinner, the woman who planned the murder of her parents. Her case was circulated in the news after it was discovered that the 17-year old girl did nothing as her boyfriend, 18-year old, Jonathan Kurtz, and his 18-year old neighbor, James Preston, killed her father and attacked her mother. The murder scheme was carried out in November of 2010. According to court records, Jonathan Kurtz and his neighbor entered the Yale, Michigan, home of Tia Skinner and brutally stabbed Mara and Paul Skinner. Paul Skinner died in the attack after chasing the men out of his house. Mara survived and lived to tell it on the witness stand, according to NH Register.

tia-skinner-for-my-man-update-parole Tia Skinner cries as she listens to 911 call. [Image via Murderpedia/Facebook]Tia Skinner had everything going for her. She was an attractive honors student who lived in a nice community with her adoptive parents. But sources say she was a young, inexperienced woman who was easily impressed by the new man in her life — a wicked man named Jonathan Kurtz. All she knew was that she wanted to be with him, and her parents were standing in her way. For that, they deserved to be killed, Tia believed.

Jonathan made her see things that she had never seen before. He opened her up to an entirely different world than she was accustomed to at home. For Tia Skinner, being in a relationship with Jonathan was more than exciting, it was passionate, and forbidden which sweetened the desire she had for him, even more. She should have known things would turn out terribly. But despite her parents sound counsel, and despite her inner feelings of knowing what lurked ahead, she went against the advice of her parents and relentlessly pursued a relationship with the new bad boy in her life.

Through texts and emails, they discussed how much better their lives would be if Tia Skinner’s parents would just let them be together. But, Tia knew her parents, and she knew that they would never approve of a relationship with Jonathan Kurtz. It was then that she began telling Jonathan that she wished her parents were dead. Not knowing or understanding that Jonathan was taking her words seriously (some say she knew), she allowed him to continue with the plan to murder them in cold blood, in order to be together. For their sinful deed, they were all arrested and sentenced to life in prison.

renyatta-hamilton-update-kevin-brown Renyatta Hamilton in several of her many poses. [Image via Facebook]The case of Renyatta Hamilton is just as shocking. Investigators say that the sweet-faced 22-year old lured her current boyfriend to a Clinton Township apartment for a date, but the date ended up in murder. According to court records, it was all part of a bigger plan to rob the hard-working young man identified as 23-year old Kevin Brown. That day, he planned to go to a picnic with Renyatta, instead he was ambushed in the hallway by a gunman. The gunman intended to rob him with his new shiny gun, but they underestimated Kevin Brown, who fought for his life, eventually shooting gunman 22-year old Larry Stewart, who took off running, according to the report. Renyatta Hamilton also sustained a gunshot wound. Sadly, Larry Stewart died from the four gunshots that blasted into his body.

Sources say Renyatta Hamilton did it for her man, others say she was a cold hearted young woman who was willing to do anything for a buck, including murdering an innocent man, according to The Macomb Daily. For other Inquisitr articles on TV One’s For My Man, take a look at the Carethia Curry and Vanessa Coleman cases.

[Image via TV One/Facebook]