Kill President Obama, Win 10 Camels

Killing President Obama is worth 10 camels if you happened to believe the newest offering handed down by Somali militants looking for President Barack Obama’s whereabouts.

The offer was made by Al-Shabab and was an attempt to mock the US after they placed $3 million to $7 million bounties on the heads of various militant commanders.

The al-Qaeda supported militant group also offered chickens for US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Rewards on the heads of US officials came to light after Johnnie Carson because the first US official to visit the area in more than 20 years. Carson visited in Mogadishu.

The obvious attempt to mock the President of the United States led to a line of questioning for the assistant secretary of state for African affairs who responded:

“The question is so absurd it does not deserve a response.”

Carson says his trip which only lasted several hours was meant to highlight the “significant progress” being made against al-Shabab.

In its own attempt find the “secret hideout” of “idiot Obama” the group said in a public statement:

“Whoever reveals the hideout of the idiot Obama will be rewarded with 10 camels, and whoever reveals the hideout of the old woman Hillary Clinton will be rewarded 10 chickens and 10 roosters.”

Does anyone else get the feeling that the uneducated nitwits controlling the Somalian militant group never evolved pasted a kindergarten mentality? “idiot” and “old women” was honestly the best they could do?

In the meantime Johnnie Carson has promised political sanctions against the country if progress is halted.