Newlywed Couple Dies While On Honeymoon In South Africa, Caught In Rip Tide Just Six Days After Wedding

A couple from northern Ireland was found dead just six days into their honeymoon in South Africa. The pair, John and Lynette Rodgers, were apparently caught in strong rip tides at Plettenberg Bay while honeymooning on the beach. Their bodies were found by locals after they drowned in the sea.

Lynette Rodgers
Lynette and John Rodgers on their wedding day, just six days before the pair would drown while on honeymoon. (Image via Facebook)

The Daily Mail reports that 28-year-old John Rodgers married 26-year-old Lynette in County Down, Ireland. Following the wedding, the pair left for a honeymoon in South Africa. Lynette seemed especially excited about the South African honeymoon adventure as she promised friends on Facebook that she would speak with them about the trip when she returned. Sadly, Lynette would never get to share her vacation memories with friends as she would die alongside her new husband while on the doomed honeymoon.

“John and myself would like to thank to everyone that joined us on Saturday and for all the well wishes! We greatly appreciate it and had the best day ever. Heading off today so will speak to everyone when we return! Xx.”

It appears that John and Lynette had arrived to the resort earlier in the day and decided to go for a swim in the bay. However, according to locals, the currents were strong and the surf rough. No one saw the pair enter the water; however, at around 6:00 pm local time, a man found John’s body lying in the surf and called for help. A short time later, two women walking on the beach found Lynette’s body about 200 meters away from where John had been located earlier.

Lynette Rodgers
Lynette enjoying time with her friends during a bachelorette party. (Image via Facebook)

The young couple’s families note that the happiness they shared during John and Lynette’s wedding was shattered when they learned that the pair had drown while on honeymoon.

“It has come as a great shock to both the Reilly and Rodgers families to learn of the sudden and tragic events in South Africa, which has taken the lives of Lynette and John. Our happiness in sharing their recent wedding has been thoroughly devastated. Both were very dearly loved and brought us great joy.”

Authorities in South Africa claim that both Lynette and John were immediately given CPR on the beach. However, the emergency responders were unable to revive either of the two. Meanwhile, family members were notified of the tragic deaths and the County Down resident began to mourn the loss.

Lynette shared some of her wedding party photos to Facebook before her tragic death in South America. (Image via Facebook)

The pair had wed at the First Presbyterian Church in Holywood, the town where Lynette worked as a physiotherapist. John also worked in County Down but in the community of Ballygowan as an office worker. The UK Foreign Office says they are helping both families during this difficult time and will likely help with the return of the bodies to Ireland.

Sadly this is not the first time tragedy has struck while a couple was on honeymoon. Earlier this year, a newlywed couple was scuba diving in Cozumel when Lindsey McFadden passed away in her new husband’s arms. John McFadden says that the dive was beautiful but that as the pair surfaced, he realized something was seriously wrong with Lindsey. The pair had scuba dived together in the past; therefore, John knew something wasn’t right that day. He says that Lindsey’s last words were “I feel sick” before dying from what was later identified as an internal bleed of the liver. The McFaddens were only married for a brief 168 days, but John says it was the best 168 days of his life.

What do you think about the tragic honeymoon deaths of John and Lynette Rodgers?

[Image via Facebook/ Lynette Rodgers]