WWE Rumors: Last-Minute Rumors For 'Hell In A Cell' - Stone Cold Is There, Daniel Bryan Or Samoa Joe To Challenge John Cena

Danny Cox

With Hell In A Cell just about an hour away from beginning the official three-hour show, there are a lot of last minute rumors going around. Many have complained that the WWE card doesn't look all that good on paper, but backstage happenings are going to make it one of the better events of the year. Now, it seems as if some big names are going to make it even bigger and they could be Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

One of the biggest wonders is who will face off with John Cena and accept his U.S. Open Challenge tonight. Everyone now knows that Cena is taking some time off (about two months) after Hell In A Cell, and he's got to drop the title, but to who?

Many names have floated around, even The Rock, but two have jumped to the front as of Sunday morning. One is Samoa Joe as he's just recently turned heel in NXT and is preparing to feud with Finn Balor for the NXT Heavyweight Title. Like Kevin Owens did, he could very well pull double-duty and appear in NXT and on the WWE main roster.

It'd be one hell of a debut, but doesn't appear as if it will happen. F4W Online is reporting that Joe can be eliminated entirely as the possible mystery opponent for John Cena. Rumors had Joe in Los Angeles, but he's been spotted in Sacramento this evening and he's scheduled to wrestle there.

Samoa Joe will be wrestling for NXT at the Aftershock Festival, so it would be hard for him to appear at Hell In A Cell. Tyler Breeze is there too so he can be eliminated as well.

daniel bryan hell in a cell john cena

Now, another possibility is Daniel Bryan and rumors really heated up that he would be there on Sunday night to oppose John Cena. Scott Keith got word from a reader that Bryan was sitting a few rows ahead of him on a flight to Los Angeles on Saturday.

The reader said the he played ignorant like he didn't know who the WWE superstar was and talked to him as a "neurologist." Daniel Bryan apparently told the person that "he had actually just been cleared from a concussion and was going back to work tomorrow."

"Tomorrow" would be Hell In A Cell.

This is news that really needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but anything is possible. WrestleZone did report though that Bryan was indeed in California to attend a wedding with his wife Brie Bella as was confirmed by a picture of them on Instagram.

stone cold steve austin hell in a cell brock lesnar

One more big rumor going around the past week is that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin could show up tonight and start a possible feud/program with Brock Lesnar. The rumors heated up after Austin opened up Monday Night Raw after denying for weeks that he would even appear on the show.

Vince McMahon is said to have something "big" planned for the match ending between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker, but no-one knows what. Well, now it's known that Austin is indeed in Los Angeles and arrived at Hell In A Cell.

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Any and all things could happen at Hell In A Cell this evening, and that includes appearances by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, or anyone else. It's looking like a lot more is going to happen than what is advertised on the card.

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