LeBron James: Has First Practice Since Injection, Expected To Be Ready For Season Opener

Dustin Murrell

LeBron James was back to full-contact practice for the first time since taking some rest after another anti-inflammatory back injection.

In January, in the midst of the 2014-15 NBA regular season, James received a similar shot when a strained left knee and back pain were affecting his game. As Fox Sports noted, LeBron James missed about two weeks of action at that time as well. In his first season back with the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron returned from the injection and rest to lead the team that drafted him in 2003 to the NBA Finals, where they lost to the Golden State Warriors.

"I haven't got to this point by cheating the game," James said. "If I'm capable of practicing, I will practice, and if I'm capable of playing, I'll play. When I'm not, I'll quit. The game has gave too much to me for me to ever cheat the game. That's not how I was born. That's not how I was taught."

Although no promises were made when LeBron was given the injection on October 13, CBS Sports confirmed that the Cavaliers fully expect James to play against the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday. And LeBron James isn't the only big name from Tuesday's game that has had health concerns. That includes the biggest star on Chicago's squad, and two of James' teammates.

Although LeBron will be back on Tuesday, he has two key teammates that will still be on the bench. James' fellow NBA All-Star, Kyrie Irving, won't be suiting up with LeBron for their contest against Chicago. He'll still be recovering from surgery on his broken knee cap. Iman Shumpert is another Cavalier that won't be joining LeBron for opening day. It will be two months before he's able to return from his wrist injury.

No word on whether or not Blaze Pizza was a part of LeBron James' recovery routine.

[Image credit Jason Miller/Getty Images]