‘The Walking Dead’ Leaves Fans Questioning Their Own Senses

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead television series relies fairly heavily on the comic book series of the same name, so the death in tonight’s episode may have come as no surprise to fans of both mediums, but some fans of The Walking Dead say mourning that character may be a bit premature.

The Walking Dead Proves That The Scourge Of Death Can’t Be Avoided Forever


In tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, entitled “Thank You,” fans experienced something of a death clock, as they watched Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) race unwittingly toward his own demise, but was it really the end? As Vanity Fair points out, tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead opened up with Glenn on the run and followed him as he did pretty much everything he could to hasten his own demise, almost as though he were in a Final Destination sequel.

The end seemed nigh as Glenn ran his fingers over Hershel’s pocket watch and said his goodbyes over the radio, but, even as zombies tore meat and guts from their prey, there seemed to be some mystery surrounding the identity of that victim. While many Walking Dead fans seemed content to lay Glenn to rest, having already accepted that this Walking Dead character’s days were numbered, others are already questioning what they have seen in tonight’s episode.

Even The Walking Dead‘s own Steven Yeun admits he doesn’t know the fate of his own character, suggesting fans should definitely question what has happened in tonight’s episode.

“I don’t particularly want to subscribe to the idea that this show can kill off anybody it wants. Yes, it can. Yes, that’s a thing. That’s definitely a thing. But I think that’s not the point of the show. Game of Thrones kills people left and right and yet that’s not the point of the show,” The Walking Dead actor says.

“Sometimes you look at the viewers and you feel kind of bad because they’re watching the show like an episode of Survivor. They’ve picked two people or one person and if that person continues to live, they’re happy. If that person wasn’t in an episode, they’re unhappy. But when you watch the show like that you’re missing out on such beautiful storytelling.”

Did Glenn Use Nicholas To Help Him Survive?

While it may be possible that Glenn really is zombie food, Entertainment Weekly shares the theory that things were not as they seemed in The Walking Dead tonight with Glenn using the body of Nicholas, who had already collapsed on top of him, to shield himself from the zombie attacks. As is the case when one is attacked by any wild animal, it seems probable that the odor of Nicholas’ corpse and spilled innards was strong enough to mask Glenn’s scent from the attacking zombies, further helping him to escape a gruesome fate.

The bottom line is that the death scene witnessed in tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead was far too quick and painless for a character as prominent in The Walking Dead series as Glenn. When Glenn dies, as he will eventually, fans can expect much more suspense and tension, building up to the moment of that final kill.

Also, Glenn’s death in The Walking Dead comic books is far too epic and anticipated by fans of the books for the writers to work their way around it with such a questionable death scene. When Glenn does die, there will be no question that he is dead or by whose hand he has died. The Walking Dead has yet to introduce Negan and, until the series does bring that particular character on board, Glenn is probably safe.

[Featured image courtesy of AMC/The Walking Dead]