Paris Hilton’s Brother Conrad Bounced From Hollywood Bar

He’s at it again, but at least this time it didn’t lead to his arrest. Conrad Hilton, the younger brother of Paris Hilton, was turned away from a bar in Hollywood this weekend. Currently, he is facing charges elsewhere that involve alcohol, but so much for lying low and being on your best behavior. And in true Hilton style, there is a video of the whole thing.

TMZ caught up with Hilton at right about the time he was getting booted from a club. He then engaged the police to control the paparazzi from filming his embarrassment. The cops were less-than-sympathetic, and Hilton’s friend decided to berate the bouncer who threw them out.

“Who the f*** do you think you are?”

The bouncer made it clear that he knew exactly who he was, but Hilton then sought out the police to explain how he’d been wronged.


It seems that the Hilton Hot Mess Express is making at least monthly stops all around California. Conrad’s aunt, Kim Richards, struck a plea deal on her first charge, and is still awaiting trial and is out of bail for trying to rob a Target, according to the Inquisitr.

Richards, one of the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is reportedly doing very well, and has settled into a new home. She is seeing family and friends regularly.


But according to CNN, Conrad Hilton continues to head in the wrong direction with several recent brushes with the law. In July, Hilton was arrested for violating a restraining order issued by a federal judge less than a week after the judge put him on three years probation for assaulting flight attendants. The probation was broken when he went back to stalking his former girlfriend, reportedly the teenaged daughter of Rick Salomon, who made a sex tape with Hilton’s sister, Paris.

“Under the conditions of his current federal probation, Hilton ‘shall not commit another federal, state or local crime,’ according to federal court records.”

The terms of the probation are very clear, and hopefully for Hilton, his probation officer won’t be calling for a random test.

“Hilton was placed on three years’ probation and ordered to submit to drug tests, undergo mental health treatment and participate in an outpatient substance abuse program, federal records show. Hilton also must perform 750 hours of community service.”

The reason Hilton’s charges were federal was because the drama and assault happened on an airplane.

On the flight, Hilton allegedly called passengers “peasants” when he yelled profanities several times: “I will f—— own anyone on this flight; they are f—— peasants.”


In the same timeframe, TMZ reported that once again, Hilton showed up at the ex girlfriend’s house, acting loopy, but this time his father, Rick Hilton, had to help restrain him.

“Law enforcement sources tell us… police rushed to Hunter Salomon’s family home after Conrad broke in, and he was so out of control Rick Hilton was called to come over and help. When Rick arrived he offered to go in with cops and help calm his son down.”

What’s a little breaking and entering between friends? For this stunt, Hilton is facing six months in prison. The tally is starting to add up, and based on the fact that he is on probation, the penalties for bad behavior will continue to get stiffer.

Do you think Conrad Hilton belongs in jail, and will it straighten him out?

[Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Matthew Simmons]