Donald Trump: ‘Elect Hillary President, You Have A Country That Goes To Hell’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is adamant that Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should not be America’s next president. In fact, the real estate mogul said during a Saturday afternoon speech in Jacksonville, Florida, that the country would “go to hell” should Clinton win the 2016 election.

The New York Daily News reports that Trump shouted out to his onlookers on Saturday as they stood listening to him at the Jacksonville Landing complex on Independent Drive. Trump stated that voting Clinton into office would be the worst mistake Americans could make.

“You want to have a mess of a country, you want to have nothing but problems, you want to have a country that goes to hell? You elect Hillary president, you have a country that goes to hell.”

Trump also expressed his opinions on Clinton’s lack of leadership skills during the Benghazi attacks, indicating that he prefers to run against her because he doesn’t think he will lose.

“Based on that record I don’t know how you lose.”

Clinton wasn’t the only presidential candidate Trump attacked. He also took aim at former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, his fellow Republican presidential candidate who poses the biggest threat. Carson is slightly behind Trump in the polls, yet Trump stated that Carson wasn’t experienced and competent enough to be president.

Despite targeting other presidential hopefuls, Trump seemed genuinely happy to have a large crowd in attendance. CBS Jacksonville reports that Trump strutted confidently to the stage, all smiles, while Twister Sister’s 1984 smash hit, “We’re Not Gonna Take It” played. Trump was met with a loud, appreciative applause as he took the microphone to thank the audience.

“What a group of people. The American dream is back. We’re going to bring it back bigger, better and stronger than before. We’re going to make America great again.”

The crowd began to chant Trump’s name and applaud so loudly that he had to stop his speech. After a brief pause, Trump continued to encourage the crowd by stating that right now, the nation needs a competent leader that can make the country great again, not a nice leader with no ambition. An audience member then asked the former reality show star how he talks so long without using a teleprompter. Trump replied that that audience keeps him going.

“Honestly it’s easy. It’s because there is love in these audiences.”


Meanwhile, CNN reports that Trump sat down for an interview this weekend to talk about the division of the country in recent years. Trump blames Obama for the country dividing itself and claims that he can unify the nation again and make things better for American citizens. When asked if he would create bipartisanship if elected president, Trump answered with “absolutely.”

“I absolutely think so. I will be a great unifier for our country.”

Trump also touched on his Republican presidential candidates competitors, specifically Ben Carson again, who is steadily moving up in the polls. Carson recently overtook Trump in Iowa, according to the latest GOP polls, something that Trump finds unbelievable.

Donald Trump greets a crowd of supporters in Burlington, Iowa.

“Ben doesn’t even go to Iowa that much. And he’s doing well in Iowa?”

The real estate mogul indicated in another interview that he felt the Iowa polls were wrong, given that he loves the state and cannot see how Carson could’ve taken lead.

“I love Iowa, and I honestly believe those polls are wrong. I’m a Presbyterian, I’m a great Christian.”

Trump also took aim at Carson’s immigration policies during the interview, saying that Carson probably wouldn’t be a good negotiator in a time when the country needs a strong leader.

Regardless, Donald Trump still maintains the lead in the overall GOP presidential race, with Carson coming in close behind. They are the only two Republican presidential candidates in the double digits, with Trump at 32 percent and Carson at 22 percent.

[Photos By Scott Olson/Getty Images & Al Bello/Getty Images]