Mary Kennedy Beat RFK Jr, Tragic Final Days Of Estranged Wife Revealed

Recently released court documents reveal that Robert Kennedy Jr’s wife, Mary Kennedy, was an abusive alcoholic that was struggling to find sanity in her final days before she asked a servant for a rope that was later used to hang herself in a barn on May 16th.

“Mary’s violence and physical abuse toward me began before we were married,” Bobby said in confidential court papers that were uncovered yesterday.

“Soon after Mary became pregnant with our first son, Mary — in a sudden rage about my continued friendship with my ex-wife — hit me in the face with her fist,” continuing,

She was a trained boxer, and I got a shiner,” Bobby said. “Her engagement ring crushed my tear duct, causing permanent damage. Mary asked me to lie to her family about the cause of my shiner.”

Acquired by Kennedy historian Laurence Leamer, this sealed 60-page document gives the public an unbelievable look into the lives of one of the most famous political families in history. Offering up confidential affidavits, the stories about Mary Kennedy continue to unravel and reveal the twisted thoughts of this estranged wife.

Housekeepers for the Kennedy’s think back to Mary’s alcoholic lifestyle saying one day, “I saw her in the kitchen, like, with her head down, and I was like, ‘Oh, golly, she’s talking on the phone and crying,'” continuing,

“But then I got close to her, and she was passed out. The plate of food was old, and her face was on top of the plate. And that day, she was drinking a lot,” recalled the maid.

The erratic behavior came to an end on that fateful day in May when Bobby and the housekeepers were unable to find Mary in the home. After searching the estate, they finally entered the barn where they found Mary hanging from a rafter.

Kennedy historian Laurence Leamer writes of the situation:

“Mary was as neat as Bobby was sloppy, and she had tied a beautiful knot at the end of the rope, attached it to a rafter, and hanged herself. The housekeeper fell to the ground in a fetal position and stayed there for several hours. As for Bobby, whenever a Kennedy had died during his lifetime, whether it was his brothers David and Michael or his cousin John Kennedy Jr., his lean face would turn gray with grief, but he never cried.”

“Now,” Leamer writes, “the tears flowed.”