Breast Cancer Patient Refuses Chemotherapy In Lieu Of Drinking Her Own Urine As Cure

A woman from Walton on Thames has decided to forego toxic treatments after finding out she had breast cancer. Instead of enduring chemotherapy treatments, she has opted to drink her own urine as a means of curing herself of the tumor.

Sam Ravelle, 41, was devastated when she found out that she had breast cancer. She was diagnosed in 2012, finding out that she had a level three aggressive tumor in her right breast, according to the Daily Mail. Doctors were quick to offer multiple treatment options, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and a lumpectomy, all of which were not guaranteed to rid her of cancer and coerce remission, but were considered satisfactory treatments to begin the healing process.

Despite hope that the treatments could help her heal, Ravelle chose to forego such options and rely on homeopathic remedies, including drinking her own urine, rather than suffer through the toxic treatments that were offered.

“I don’t believe in chemotherapy — I think it’s toxic. I’ve researched it and it seems like madness. If someone is healthy, you don’t wipe out their immune system, so if someone has a problem you shouldn’t wipe out their immune system either.”

Although she does not deny that chemotherapy does work, she claims that the quality of life after the treatment is not worth enduring its effects. She was also against its impact on healthy cells in the body.

“Chemo isn’t exclusive to cancer cells, it goes to healthy cells too, and you can be left with so many problems and no immune system. You get lots of people who have survived but have no quality of life.”

Breast Cancer Awareness [Photo via Wave Break Media/Shutterstock]Ravelle used the analogy that a healthy individual would not have their immune system destroyed by toxic chemicals, so why would an unhealthy person opt for that course of treatment.

Instead of potentially toxic intervention with her cancer, she chose the homeopathic way, such as drinking her own urine and other methods such as herbal treatment. She believes the treatments do work, but not without painful side effects, according to the Surrey Comet.

“The first time it worked well and brought three lumps out of me — it collects into a scab which falls off and then heals over — but the second time it was hell and I was in agony.”

Although there are painful side effects, she claims that the healthy quality of life after remission is well worth it.

Using urine as a cure to disease has been mentioned as far back as the Bible and in the Aztec, Indian, and Chinese cultures.

During her urine treatments, Ravelle fasted for three to five days, drinking only water and her own urine during that time. She collects her urine in a jug and saves it to re-consume.

“I do intermittent fasting with drinking urine and water to reboot the immune system; it cleans it up and gets rid of damaged cells.You collect it in a jug, and you drink all of your urine all day. If you’re not eating it’s very clear and doesn’t taste of anything. It’s crystal, it’s like rain water. I also put it on a patch and it helps.”

Ravelle also claims that the gross factor should not impact an individual’s decision to drink urine, claiming it is sterile and contains nearly 5% of vitamins in each dose.

Breast Cancer Patient Refuses Chemotherapy In Lieu Of Drinking Her Own Urine As Cure [Photo via Ball Luna/Shutterstock]Although it has been nearly three years since her diagnosis, her homeopathic treatments have not cured her of cancer. Currently, her health has started to decline, leaving her short on breath and sickly. Still, she continues her treatment.

Cancer Research U.K. warns that, although herbal remedies can work, they do have side effects that could pose a threat if used incorrectly. They also claim that not all will work, and some can be poisonous to humans.

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