David Bowie To Release New Album, ‘Blackstar,’ In January

David Bowie, Blackstar

David Bowie is set to release his first new album in three years, Blackstar, in January, on the iconic glam rocker’s 69th birthday, according to the Telegraph.

Bowie’s 25th studio album features its title track, set to release November 19, and will be used as the theme music to the upcoming Sky America heist series, The Last Panthers. The full single is ten minutes long, and includes Gregorian chants and electronic beats.

The album features only seven tracks, but still clocks in with a running time of 45 minutes. It is reportedly heavily influenced by the German bands Kraftwerk and Can. Blackstar was reportedly recorded at the Magic Shop in New York City, and features a heavy jazz influence as well, according to Spin.

David Bowie, Blackstar

Daniel Kreps from Rolling Stone reported how The Last Panthers director Johan Renck responded to the title track that will be featured during the opening credits of his show.

“I was looking for one of the icons of my youth to write the music for the title sequence, but was presented with a God. His first response was precise, engaged and curious. The piece of music he laid before us embodied every aspect of our characters and the series itself — dark, brooding, beautiful and sentimental, in the best possible incarnation of this word. All along, the man inspired and intrigued me and as the process passed, I was overwhelmed with his generosity. I still can’t fathom what actually happened …”

Consequence of Sound calls Blackstar, set for release on January 8, Bowie’s “oddest album yet.”

Blackstar, in title, and perhaps in tone, hearkens to the recurring theme that spans across Bowie’s eclectic career of intergalactic wonder. Bowie’s industrial, electronic, and jazz influences converge to create something truly interstellar. It is this idea of something metaphysical at work that runs through the spirit of Bowie’s career, dating all the way back to the 1972 release of Bowie’s iconic and seminal album, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. It was here that Bowie established his alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, a bisexual alien rock superstar who uses music to shed a critical light on social issues of the time, including politics and sexual identification.

David Bowie, Blackstar

David Bowie‘s Blackstar will release January 8, 2016. If the album follows the marketing plan of The NextDay, look for a live streaming outlet, likely iTunes, to play the album on rotation in its entirety to listen for free in the days leading up to the album’s release.