‘He’s Alive!’ Watch Two Fishermen Rescue Refugee Baby [Video]

On Wednesday, two fishermen rescued an 18-month-old baby — a Syrian refugee named Muhammad. Fishermen Recep Evran and Cenap Gumran spotted the seemingly lifeless body of the baby floating in the Aegean Sea. Muhammad Hasan was wearing a life jacket, but the boat carrying him and around a dozen other passengers to a nearby island in Greece sank.

The video capturing the dramatic rescue of Muhammad shows the two fishermen plucking the small body of the baby from the sea, and their combined, frantic scrambling to save the baby’s life.

The fisherman had initially alerted his crew to something he saw floating in the distance on the sea, but it wasn’t until their own boat approached that the extreme danger of the other boat’s situation became apparent. There were many in need of rescue.

“Oh my God, there’s a baby, too,” one fisherman shouted.

“We were very upset [because we thought] he wasn’t alive,” Evran explained, adding that when he and Gumran initially spotted the baby, they assumed he had already drowned.

“We thought he was dead. Then, when we were pulling Muhammad to the boat, we heard his voice… And at that moment, we were ecstatic. I said ‘He’s alive, he’s alive!’ “

It was a cell phone that captured what became very real high seas drama next, as the baby was pulled from the water, his life vest ripped off, and successful efforts to revive him made. Watch the dramatic footage below.