Tamra Judge’s Son Ryan Defends Her Against Accusation She Chooses ‘RHOC’ Over Daughter Sidney

Tamra Judge’s oldest child has defended her against the accusation that she chooses fame over family. Specifically, Ryan Vieth has denied that his mom would rather be on The Real Housewives of Orange County than have a relationship with her daughter, his half-sister Sidney Barney.

Tamra’s estranged relationship with Sidney, the eldest of her three children with ex-husband Simon Barney, came to light when she revealed on Part 1 of the Season 10 reunion show that she hasn’t seen her daughter in two years. After the Monday night airing, Simon lashed out Tamra, calling her a narcissist. Sidney also supposedly spoke out against her mom via a Facebook post, saying that she her mom sells the children out for the sake of having story lines for the reality TV show, thus repeatedly ignored her request for privacy.

On Saturday, Tamra posted a photo of Ryan, her oldest child from a previous marriage who is frequently shown on Real Housewives, at her house reading her Instagram comments. Not surprisingly, Ryan got quite upset reading some of the negative comments that people left for Tamra. He responded to one person who wrote that it’s sad for Tamra’s family that being on TV is more important to her than having her daughter in her life. Ryan responded that the person has “no clue” what’s going on. He also seemed to indicate that his mom is not completely at fault.

“My sister left everyone in our family. You have no clue what your talking about to save your stupid comments.”

On Part 1 of the Season 10 reunion show, Tamra Judge broke down in tears as she revealed that two years ago, her daughter Sidney, who at the time was going between Tamra and Simon Barney’s homes, told her out of the blue that she no longer wants to live with her. Tamra said that Sidney told her that she ruined her dad’s life. The two haven’t seen one another since.

Tamra added that she tried to fix the problem and have a relationship with Sidney by having her go to court-ordered therapy but Simon fought that and won. The drama has extended to other children. Tamra also revealed that her younger son, Spencer, lives with her full-time and doesn’t speak to his dad. After the episode aired, Tamra issued a direct plea to her daughter.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after the episode aired, Simon posted a quote about abusive narcissists and the picture of a man dodging a bullet. Both have since been deleted.

Then, Sidney supposedly posted a lengthy message to her Facebook account in which she slammed her mom as “mentally and emotionally abusive.” That Facebook post has since been deleted too.

“The reason I do not live with my mother is not because of my dad, it is because she is mentally/verbally abusive and not a mother to me…For the past two years I’ve been asking her to stop treating me badly, to stop doing embarrassing and talking about me on the show, and to not use my siblings and I as storylines… Now you’re using Spencer as a storyline, I hope he realizes it before the damage is done.”

In response to one person who, after reading Sidney’s post, told Tamra that quitting The Real Housewives of Orange County would repair the relationship with her daughter, Tamra said that’s not true and that she has already suggested quitting the show.

In a statement to Us Weekly on Friday, Tamra Judge accused her ex of posing as Sidney and writing the Facebook post.

“It’s shocking and horrifying that someone would do something so vile. I knew it wasn’t my daughter. Those are not words of a 17-year-old and that was not my daughter’s real Facebook page. It’s very apparent who was behind it; no need to name names. Shame on you for trying to make a sad situation worse between a mother and daughter.”

The next day, the Sidney Barney Twitter account posted a tweet stating that it’s really her.


There was also a denial that it was actually Simon Barney who wrote that Facebook post.


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