Vicki Gunvalson Shares Shockers On Brooks Ayers Split, ‘RHOC’ Controversy, & ‘Real Housewives’ Cruelty [Video]

Vicki Gunvalson dishes on RHOC.

Vicki Gunvalson ranks as the OG (Old Girl) of the OC (Orange County) on Real Housewives Of Orange County. But that doesn’t mean Vicki always has the greatest time of all the RHOC cast members. This season (the tenth for RHOC) found Gunvalson dealing with issues ranging from the heartbreaking loss of her mother to her split with boyfriend Brooks Ayers and the controversy over whether he has cancer. And many members of the RHOC cast seemed to isolate Vicki increasingly as a result, reported People.

When Heather Dubrow, Shannon Beador, and Tamra Judge recently got together to give a whoo-hoo of congrats to Heather’s debut podcast, Gunvalson was noticeably absent. Judge previously revealed that she had eliminated Vicki from her existence.

Did Heather Dubrow shun Vicki Gunvalson?

Instead, the three RHOC stars went to social media to show off just how much fun they had together.

“Amazing night after my first podcast! Love you all,” posted Dubrow for one caption, adding “#RHOC out tonight in LA!” for another post.

Is Vicki no longer regarded as an RHOC cast member by these women? But Gunvalson fought back against feeling like an outcast by sharing her own social media proof that she too has friends.

“Great dinner with my friend for more than 21 years. #friendsforever,” wrote Vicki.

Gunvalson and Tamra battled throughout season 10 regarding Vicki’s former boyfriend and the question of his health. But even as the Real Housewives Of Orange County cast questioned the diagnosis, Gunvalson became more and more defiant and determined to ignore them or fight with them.

Did some of the "Real Housewives" treat Vicki Gunvalson as an outcast?

Meanwhile, Vicki and Brooks broke up in August.

“[Breaking up with Gunvalson felt like] the piano was lifted off of my back, if you will,” he said.

The finale of the Real Housewives Of Orange County season 10 was followed by the first part of the reunion, and the second part will be broadcast on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET on Monday.

As the Inquisitr reported, part 1 of the Real Housewives Of Orange County reunion included more focus on the other RHOC cast members. Highlights included an imitation by Meghan King Edmonds on what she termed as the “judge-y” eyes of Shannon Beador.

Does Shannon have "judge-y" eyes?

In addition, Beador fought back at Meghan by challenging the statement that she gave Hayley the choice to go on birth control.

“I think I was a little bit vocal about it because of the way that she presented it,” said Shannon. “You started out the conversation with ‘I made the decision.’ ”

But while viewers await to see if the real plot of season 10 featuring Vicki Gunvalson becomes the focus in the second part of the reunion, the OG of the OC is providing some shockers about herself and Brooks, reported She Knows.

During an interview with Real Housewives maestro Andy Cohen, Vicki reflected on the elements that caused her to split from Brooks.

Gunvalson included her daughter Briana, who had disliked Brooks and made so very clearly.

“I just think that the conflict with Briana, and him and I, and him being from the South — he really wanted to go back to the South — and I just think the stress of the show, and he’s sick. And at the end of the day, it just didn’t work anymore,” admitted Vicki.

Gunvalson confessed that although it could not become a long-term romance, she felt that it was “amazing” while it lasted.

But a source revealed that when Vicki learned that her former boyfriend had also been interviewed by Andy and refused to disclose to her the details, Gunvalson was extremely upset.

“She has no idea what was said, or if he threw her under the bus!” shared the insider.

Moreover, Vicki feels that the other RHOC cast members did not offer her support through everything she’s been through.

Aside from the breakup, Gunvalson has also been through the loss of her mother, but when a phone caller questioned the degree to which the rest of the Real Housewives had given her their support, she made it clear that she felt isolated.

“No,” declared Vicki. “They still have their mother and they still have their partner. So, I’ve had two huge losses this year, and they’re not there for me.”

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