iOS 6 Beta Omits Original iPad, Does Away With iPod Touch 3rd Generation

Apple will host its 2012 Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday and ahead of that showcase the new iOS 6 Beta release download links have materialized online. The links for the download feature options for various devices including the Apple iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 and iPad 3, however sorely missing is the original iPad and all iPod Touch models before the fourth generation unit.

Apple has also removed all of the platforms former download links ahead of the iOS 6 download option.

While the iPhone 4GS has a slower processor than the third-generation iPod Touch it has managed to retain its iOS 6 status, likely because of the devices availability to customers. The iPhone 3GS is still produced and in many cases offered for free by wireless providers with a two-year contract.

The original iPad has a faster processor than the 3rd Generation iPod touch with the same amount of RAM. At this time Apple has not explained why the original iPad has been excluded, although it could be a simple move to sell newer devices to customers who have been using their iPad devices for years.

There is still the possibility that Apple will restore access to the original iPad and iPod Touch units for future beta releases of iOS 6, although those plans have not been laid out at this point.

Future users of the iOS 6 OS will be able to grab a closer look at the new mobile platform when WWDC starts up on Monday. Apple is also expected to announce sweeping changes across its entire line of currently available products.