Liam Payne, Sophia Smith Break Up? Insiders Think It Is True

Liam Payne and Sophia Smith may have broken up.

Liam Payne may be writing songs with Louis Tomlinson while he’s on break from One Direction — but will they all be the blues songs because Liam Payne and Sophia Smith have broken up?

Entertainment Weekly reveled that Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson would be writing songs together during their 2016 tour hiatus — but fans were not listening.

In fact, Louis Walsh confirmed to Gossie that Liam Payne wrote the newest track for the Irish band Hometown called “The Night We Met.” Was this song Liam Payne penned about Sophia Smith?

Instead of caring about Liam Payne’s ever-expanding songwriting catalogue, it appears that Liam Payne fans are falling to pieces. On October 24, Liam Payne fans were quick to post on social media because his outburst/illness that led to One Direction cancelling their Belfast concert may have been about more than feeling a tad under the weather.

The day after the concert was canceled, Liam Payne tweeted to fans on October 21 assuring them that he was okay, and feeling much better.

However, fans were hung up on the fact that no one seemed to be clear about the reason that Liam Payne was sick. While some reports suggested it was food poisoning, others were saying it was a “meltdown” or panic attack.

The Sun even reported that insiders claim Liam Payne was having issues with fame. On the other hand, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Harry Styles said that Liam Payne’s illness “was not pretty.”

Of course, fans had a reason to speculate over what Liam Payne tweeted — and on Twitter they began to wonder if Liam Payne canceled the show and everyone was being hush-hush about the reason for his ailment because the worst had happened.

Liam Payne's panic attack that cancelled the Belfast show may have been related to breaking up with Sophia Smith according to rumors.

In this instance “the worst” happened to be fan speculations that Liam Payne and Sophia Smith had broken up.

To get an answer about the idea that Liam Payne and Sophia Smith were calling it quits, fans tweeted to Liam Payne — and they eventually felt he sent them a somewhat coded response.

On October 23, Liam Payne tweeted, “I love how music is always there for you when you need it most -x.”

According to the Metro, this was interpreted as Liam Payne potentially needing music right now — because he had broken up with Sophia Smith.

Liam Payne has rumors surrounding him about breaking up with Sophia Smith.

Although no new reports support the fact that Sophia Smith and Liam Payne are no longer together, some information is conflicting. For example, MTV U.K. claims that they have an insider that told them the following.

“Some claim student Sophia [Smith] has deleted ALL the photos of her and Liam [Payne] on Instagram and Facebook.”

As usual, Sophia Smith’s Instagram page is set to “private.” Liam Payne’s Instagram page has not been updated since around his birthday on August 29.

In addition to Liam Payne fans being driven to the edge of their seats over Sophia Smith break up speculations — Belfast fans are still furious at him.

According to a local news report from October 24, Belfast fans were still mad at One Direction — mainly because of the shifting of schedules and doubling of travel expenses. About the attempts for One Direction and Liam Payne to say sorry and make it up to fans right away by rescheduling the concert for Friday, the Irish Independent wrote the following.

“The rescheduling of Tuesday’s concert to Friday night had something of an appeasing effect on both parents and children. But surely the madness hasn’t gone so far that those who drove the length of the country or took them out of school midweek went and did it all over again?”

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