Harry Styles Says Liam Payne’s ‘Not Pretty,’ Taylor Swift Rumors Swirl

Harry Styles said Liam Payne was not pretty when he got sick

Harry Styles appears to be more than miffed at Liam Payne over the cancellation of One Direction’s show in Belfast — but no matter who he plays Scrabble with, Harry Styles is protected by Simon Cowell.

The potential beef between Harry Styles and Liam Payne was discussed when Harry Styles talked to BBC2 Radio. In the days after Liam Payne “got sick,” Harry Styles revealed it may not have been just a bad reaction — but an atrocious one, according to MTV U.K.

Harry Styles gets rumor clarification by Simon Cowell about Taylor Swift.

Harry Styles was quoted as saying at first that Liam Payne should have just taken some Pepto Bismol. Worse, Harry Styles said that the way that Liam Payne behaved during his illness “was not pretty.”

Since everyone now knows that Liam Payne was not dealing with a physical illness but potentially an anxiety or emotional-related one, the fact that Harry Styles called the incident “not pretty” can make the imagination wonder.

Of course, one of the real battles that Harry Styles has been facing lately has been accusations that he wrote the song “Perfect” in response to Taylor Swift’s album 1989. Many fans have detailed arguments interpreting the song “Perfect” to be a direct message from Harry Styles to Taylor Swift.

Nevertheless, Simon Cowell seems to have Harry Styles’ back. Gossip Cop reports that Simon Cowell was asked directly about Harry Styles writing the song “Perfect” as a response to Taylor Swift. Interestingly, Simon Cowell claims that fans are potentially wrong about their assumptions and states the following.

“No one told me [the song “Perfect”] was about Taylor. I think people might infer it … But I was never told that, no.”

However, there is one clear sign that Harry Styles might have a new woman in his life and it is because of his patterns in his relationship with Taylor Swift that can lead fans to this conclusion.

Harry Styles, Taylor Swift may not be playing Scrabble, but someone else is sharing his game.

While Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were together, fans knew that they particularly enjoyed the game Scrabble. In fact, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Scrabble is more than a passing phase in Harry Styles’ life.

Recently, Now Magazine posted screen-captured images of Harry Styles on SnapChat with Georgia Fowler — and they were playing a game of Scrabble. If this is not a sign that Harry Styles is currently dating Georgia Fowler, insiders claim that she might want things to be in the works.

Insiders close to Georgia Fowler claim that she called Harry Styles’ management team and asked to meet him. Insiders also claim the following.

“She directly contacted Harry’s management asking to meet him and didn’t tell anyone she was flying over to London. All it took was an email … It’s sickening – she only broke things off with her boyfriend a few weeks ago.”

Whether rumors that Georgia Fowler and Harry Styles are dating are true — there are other celebrities that would like to court Harry.

According to the Financial Express, Gary Barlow has stepped forward as another celebrity in a long list that wants to “work with Harry Styles” during his One Direction break in 2016.

The Financial Express writes on October 24 that Gary Barlow, of Take That, might be 44-years-old — but he wouldn’t mind re-living some of his former boy band days through Harry Styles.

Nonetheless, Harry Styles might be too busy spending one-on-one time with devoted fans over 2016 to get involved with more music projects.

According to Belfast Live, on October 22, Harry Styles picked a single fan out of more than 9,000 to learn more about her — but the screaming from surrounding fans made their conversation almost impossible.

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