Demi Lovato Kicks Adam Lambert Off Her Tour In Exchange For Nick Jonas — Her Reason Is Cold

Lovato, Jonas and Lambert

Demi Lovato shocked her fans this week when she ditched Adam Lambert as the opening act of her tour and promptly replaced him with Nick Jonas. Why would Lovato make such a drastic decision at the last minute? Because Nick Jonas is more popular than Adam Lambert right now. That’s about it.

As reported by TMZ, the managers of Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert had everything squared away for the upcoming tour. The American Idol runner-up was scheduled to open for the X-Factor judge as she performs in cities like Hollywood, Seattle, Dallas, Boston, and New York. All of the major details had already been decided, including billing costs for both artists and even lighting design. Essentially, Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato had already settled on a price for the act when Lovato’s managers decided to give Lambert the ax and use Nick Jonas instead.

Demi Lovato live (Photo by Mike Windle / Getty Images)

Demi Lovato shares a manager with Nick Jonas — a manager who needed to put Nick Jonas on a tour route as fast as possible, because he’s extremely “hot” right now in the industry. Unable to find an easy way to put Nick Jonas on tour, the manager decided to talk Demi Lovato into replacing Adam Lambert. He must have been persuasive, because Lovato agreed. Nick Jonas is now her opening act.

This last minute change in line-up caused a delay in the tour announcement, with Demi Lovato having originally planned to release the tour details sometime last week.

TMZ reported that Adam Lambert was furious at Lovato for replacing him with Nick Jonas, claiming he felt betrayed. A source close to Lambert reportedly called the move “very unprofessional and unethical.”

Adam Lambert (Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images)

However, according to Us Magazine, there’s no bad blood between Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato over the Nick Jonas ordeal at all. Both the singers made a point to clear the air on Twitter over the rumors that Adam Lambert was angry. While there’s no telling what vicious exchange may have happened in private, both tweets were full of love and affection.

Demi Lovato then retweeted Adam’s message and sent out one of her own, which criticized TMZ for assuming there was a feud over the Nick Jonas issue.

Nick Jonas has reportedly made no comment about being chosen over Adam Lambert for the tour. Maybe he doesn’t want to start any more trouble.

Nick Jonas (Photo by Roger L. Wollenberg-Pool / Getty Images)

While the switch-up may have been sudden and upsetting to both Adam Lambert and his fans, it’s not all that surprising. Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have worked together in the past, after all. You can watch Lovato performing with Nick Jonas at the Greek Theatre in the YouTube video below.

Or watch them perform “Avalanche” together at the KIIS FM 2014 Jingle Ball in this video.

To get your tickets to the Demi Lovato tour, now featuring Nick Jonas, head over to Ticketmaster while there are still some seats left.

Do you think it was cold of Demi Lovato to replace Adam Lambert with Nick Jonas simply because her manager wanted to put the more popular performer on stage? Would you have betrayed your friend to appease the whims of your agent? Leave a comment below.

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