Drake Celebrates His Birthday With Father Dennis And Talks About The ‘Hotline Bling’ Dances

Drake is thankful to have made it another year. During his birthday celebration, someone special came as VIP to the party. From there, he gives “Hotline Bling” insight.

Aubrey Drake Graham is hip hop and rap’s most relevant artist right now. There was a point that you almost didn’t hear a song on the radio without a feature from the “birthday boy.” While he’s worked hard throughout his career to be the best, he has a chance to sit back and enjoy it for a moment.

On October 24, 2015, Drake made a few Instagram posts to celebrate the day he came into this world. Within those posts was quite the relevant addition. It was a video of his father, Dennis Graham, dancing to the trending song “Hotline Bling.”

According to the Views from the 6 artist, Dennis is from where he picked up his own moves. Vibe referred to them as “uncle at the barbeque” dances. However, as mentioned in a previous Inquisitr article, they resembled somewhat of a Bachata hybrid of sorts.

If you know Drake, he’s all about Caribbean affiliations — having several Jamaican friends and collaborations. Though it isn’t a Jamaican dance, its roots come from the Caribbean, specifically the Dominican Republic, as notes Heritage Institute.

Nevertheless, as most sons would be, Drake is very fond of his father. During a lot of Aubrey’s life, Mr. Graham wasn’t exactly “there.”

However, if you recall one of his tracks — “You and the 6 — from If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Drake seemed to had done a lot of growing into a certain type of man. Specifically, the type of man which would put aside the past failures that happened and focus on those opportunities within the possible future.

It seems as though all the years Drake wanted from his childhood — and through all the years he’s rapped about his father in various songs — it’s finally come true in a grandiose fashion. As can been seen from Drizzy’s Instagram, the two took several photos “about a week ago.” Recently, as reports MTV News, Drizzy and Dennis spent some time together, just hanging out and nurturing that father/son bond. While enjoying a night out on the town, they made it all memorable.

From paying attention to Drake’s lyrics, you’ll notice that he mentions getting much of his musical influence from his father. And as can be seen on Dennis’ Instagram page, he’s still making things happen within his own musical endeavors.

All in all, it was a good celebration for the 29-year-0ld music mogul. He’s had an incredible year, to say the least. Tons of features. Two mixtapes. A rap battle victory unlike the world has ever seen. Sure, lyrically, it may not have matched up against lyricists from the past. However, on a grander scale of things, Drake went “all out” with his version of what a “diss” is supposed to be.

Unfortunately, Meek Mill won’t be able to live the humiliation down any time soon. Recently, TMZ reported that Drake’s fans have taken to Mill’s Instagram posts with relentless comments. And they’re all mostly about Drizzy’s birthday. If you look at several of his posts from the past week, they’re literally littered with “Happy Birthday Drake!” expressions.

And if that wasn’t enough salt on his wounds, there’s still the “this year” possibility of Aubrey’s studio album release, Views from the 6. However, rumor has it that there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes which is holding up the album and continuing to be part of its postponement.

Yet, to digress, it wouldn’t be a birthday celebration without a little reminiscing, right? Drake has definitely done that via his profile page, taking his viewers back to his childhood. He’s come a long way. Happy Birthday, Drake.

What are your thoughts on Drake’s relationship with his father? Feel free to share them within the comments section below.

[Image Via Instagram]