Terry Jones, Koran Burning Pastor, Hangs Obama in Effigy [Photo]

Terry Jones, Pastor of The Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, has hanged an effigy of President Barack Obama on the front lawn of its church. Terry Jones is well known throughout the world as the Pastor who burned a copy of the Koran in a ceremony at his church calling the book evil. The act led to the deaths of more than 20 people in Afghanistan due to rioting protestors. The DWOC said it hung President Obama in Effigy for his support of abortion and gay marriage as well has his foreign policy.

The Secret Service has told the Broward-Palm Beach New Times they are investigating the issue.

A Secrest Service Spokesman told Brian Leary of the paper,

“The Secret Service is aware of this incident and will conduct appropriate follow-up,”

The Effigy (pictured below) is holding a gay pride flag to symbolize the President’s recent announcement that he supported the right for gay people to get married.

Terry Jones, the lead pastor of the church gave a phone interview to the Huffington Post where he said that there was also a baby in President Obama’s other hand which is meant to symbolize the President’s support for a woman’s right to chose. In commenting on Islam Jones told the Post that radical Islam is “the most dangerous threat to life and national security in America.”. A trailer by the effigy says “Obama is killing America.

The DWOC is known for having extremely strong views about a lot of topics and for having a rule book which is viewed as cult like. Members are encouraged to cut all contact with family members.

Terry Jones and President Obama