Bill Cosby Under Investigation For Two More Sexual Assault Cases

Bill Cosby Sexual Assault

Bill Cosby faces yet more accusations of sexual assault, but this time, he may be criminally charged. A woman from Montgomery, Pennsylvania, recently came forward, accusing the actor of sexually assaulting her in 2004 while at a track meet, and another woman claims Cosby assaulted her while auditioning for his show, in 1984.

USA Today reports that Cosby is the center of a possible criminal investigation concerning the 2004 Philadelphia event in which Donna Barrett accuses The Cosby Show actor of sexually attacking her while she was an officiator at a University of Pennsylvania track meet, in April, 2004. Barrett states that Cosby grabbed her from behind and pulled her backside into his groin area while, while making the following statement.

“Hey, back that thing up here, girl, back it on up!”

Bill Cosby, a track fan and former participant, is accused of sexually harassing a track officiator, in 2004.

“He had me locked down against his body without my consent or desire.”

Another woman, referred to simply as Dotye, claimed that her sexual assault encounter took place in 1984, when she went to audition for a small role on The Cosby Show. Dotye said she had to go to Cosby’s home in New York to audition. She claimed that when she arrived, Cosby greeted her and handed her a drink. After drinking it, she allegedly became disoriented and threw up. She also claimed Cosby helped her take off her clothes to wash them, and raped her multiple times.

“I couldn’t believe the man I respected as an actor and educator was doing this to me. I couldn’t understand why I could not, did not, fight him off. I could not believe what was happening to me.”

After the incident, Dotye said Cosby allegedly led her to the door, and she left to return home in New Jersey. Yet, days later, when Cosby invited to her a screening of The Cosby Show, she accepted. She said that at the time, she still looked up to Cosby since he was prominent in the entertainment industry. She had decided not to tell anyone what had happened. She also felt that not only would no one believe her, but that somehow, she was at fault for what had happened.

“I did not go to the police because at that time, I thought somehow I had let him do what he did. I didn’t protest and I was too embarrassed to tell anyone of this shame I felt. Anyway, he was Bill Cosby! Who would believe me?”

Dotye never got the role she auditioned for on The Cosby Show, but she did receive an official show jacket. She stated she wanted to burn the jacket immediately; but, today, she’s relieved that she didn’t as it’s proof that she was actually there.

Although more than 60 women have accused him of sexual assault and harassment, Bill Cosby still denies all allegations.

People reports that high-profile civil rights attorney Gloria Allred is representing the two latest accusers, as well as many others who have come forward against Cosby. On Friday, Allred stated that each and every victim has the right to tell their story.

“Each story must be told because there can never be accountability without truth and there can never be enough truth.”

So far, Bill Cosby hasn’t commented on the most recent accusations.

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