Tracy Morgan’s Secret Son? Man Posing As Comedian’s Son Comes Forward

In this bizarre story, a man who went by the name of Lou Morgan is revealing that he’s not the son of comedian Tracy Morgan, as he once let everyone believe. The man in question’s name is Louyi Ferrin, and it’s said that he tricked friends, and even celebrities like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber, into thinking that Tracy Morgan was his father.

Lou decided to pose as Morgan’s son, but it’s not known as to why he decided to, other than for immediate attention from those around him, and to get close to some celebrities. Ferrin said that the idea didn’t come to him but from someone else, and he just rolled with it.

Here’s what he looks like.

Once the New Yorker’s story and uncanny resemblance to the comedian made the pages of Page Six, he decided to reveal his true identity, while also defending his integrity.

In a Facebook post, complete with a Maury Povich meme, Lou wrote, “I didn’t do this for fame, I didn’t do this for money, I simply went with the flow of someone else’s idea. . . If you know me or spent any time with me you know that I spent most of my time working and giving back as much as possible.”

The post continued, “[T]he truth was gonna come out one day or another I am glad I got this mountain of (sic) my shoulders, if you know me and feel some type of way about this you’re intittled (sic) to your feelings.”

When the story began to take flight, Tracy Morgan’s camp commented that they had no idea who Lou Morgan was, but that he wasn’t Tracy’s son. At the time Morgan’s rep told the site, “Tracy does not have a son named Lou. It is just someone making stuff up. No one on our side knows this guy.”

It all came to a head when Ferrin showed up at the popular nightclub named Haus, on the same night that Morgan made his great return to the SNL stage as host. It had been the second time that Morgan performed since he was involved in a fatal car accident that injured he and his friends, and killed his mentor.

It was a big night for Tracy, and it seemed like everyone was lifting him up. Ferrin decided to savor the moment by giving a shout out to his “dad.” According to on lookers, Lou was asking DJs to “give a shout-out to his dad Tracy” about his return to SNL.

It’s said that the Tracy Morgan look-a-like dropped $50k on bottles at the club while Tracy hosted SNL.

Friends of the imposter said that they believed that Tracy was his father, “We texted him for ‘SNL’ and everything. . . He would talk about ’30 Rock’ and Alec Baldwin. He must have done a lot of research on Tracy.”

The source continued, “He wholeheartedly believed he is Tracy Morgan’s son.”

As to what Lou is doing now now that he has to stand on his own, it seems like he’s interested in becoming a comedian. He’s also continuing to put out statements following his recent attempt at fame through Tracy Morgan’s name.

He recently said that he has never walked into a club so he could hang out with celebrities, and that when he sees celebrities he tries to connect with them using a clothing brand that he is currently working on. He describes himself as a designer and a stylist.

Tracy Morgan has four children: Tracy Jr, Maven, Malcolm, and Gitrid.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]