Christina Milian Shaded Over Business Skills, Lil Wayne Status

Christina Milian is naturally talented in many entertainment skills such as singing, acting, modeling, and designing. However, she has recently been cast in headlines as Lil Wayne’s ex-girlfriend — and her businesswoman skills are also being slightly shaded.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, things have been rough for Christina Milian as she has been carefully manicuring her career. In the meantime, other people like John Stamos attempt to tip the ship by doing reckless things like potentially getting jail time for a DUI and subsequently threatening a prime time TV show Christina Milian is a part of.

Thankfully, for now, it appears that Christina Milian is safe in her acting position with the show Grandfathered, despite the fact that co-star John Stamos has serious problems with sobriety.

Christina Milian has also been paying more attention to her own family than her ex, Lil Wayne. This is especially true since her sister recently lost a child shortly after she gave birth this summer.

Despite their breakup, Christina made it clear that she would be with Lil Wayne in a professional sense, and she repeatedly stated that the two were still friends.

Although there was no bad blood that went down between them when they broke up, Christina Milian’s recent projects with Lil Wayne are being seen as a sign that the two of them are getting back together.

Regardless, when she was in Miami filming the video for “Do It” with Lil Wayne, she was certainly not only with him. The Daily Mail reports on October 4 that Christina Milian was splashing on a beach in a bikini with a mystery man she was certainly being romantic with.

Christina Milian is a dancer, musician, and actress but she is also an astounding businesswoman.
Christina Milian uses her talent as a dancer and singer to promote some of her videos, and she is much more than a fly by night twerker. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Billboard)

More than likely, if Lil Wayne was in Miami with Christina Milian at the same time, he may have been working on one of several lawsuits.

Unfortunately, one of those lawsuits included problems from the winning party threatening to break into Lil Wayne’s Miami mansion in order to seize assets, according to the Miami Herald.

Nevertheless, the fact that Lil Wayne and Christina Milian were dancing closely together in the “Do It” video has led to many news headlines insisting that it is a sign that they are secretly still together.

For instance, the Daily Mail reports, “She was said to have called an end to their love affair. But that did not stop Christina Milian grinding into her supposed ex beau Lil Wayne with aplomb … The 34-year-old looked like she was having a great time as she rammed her rear into his crotch…”

Although grinding during dancing with an ex is not usually a sign that the relationship is back on, this logic seems to be being used for Lil Wayne and Christina Milian.

The Latin Post adds to this idea that they are secretly back together by pointing out that their break up was really them “just taking a break” — and perhaps the video was a sign that they are either back together (or do occasionally share romance together during their breakup phase).

Worst, Karrueche Tran is allegedly shading Christina Milian about the Lil Wayne video, and publicizing her romance with Lil Wayne in general.

According to MStarz, Karrueche Tran might be criticizing her “bestie” Christina Milian by posting on Instagram that Tran no longer wants to air her personal life on social media. This comes immediately after Christina Milian posted a picture of herself and Lil Wayne chilling out post-breakup on October 22.

Nonetheless, if Karrueche Tran was shading Christina Milian for blasting on social media about her relationship with Lil Wayne, it certainly seems a bit unfounded. After all, Lil Wayne and Christina Milian allegedly started dating about six months before she actually made that fact public knowledge around March 24, according to Hollywood Life.

Christina Milian and Fern Mallis pose together at New York Fashion Week showing that she is at the top of her game in the fashion business world.
Christina Milian is one of the top entertainment talent of her generation, and she is also at the top of her game in the fashion design business and poses here with the famous Fern Mallis at New York Fashion Week.

Of course, Christina Milian and Lil Wayne are not talking about whether or not they are getting back together because they are busy with their careers.

On top of that, Christina Milian is being recognized by E! Online for being a top entertainment mom in the game. While E! Online calls her one of the top 20 “Mommy Moguls” of the celebrity world, they fail to highlight her business skills outside of singing, acting (in two shows), modeling, being a fitness guru, and dancing.

In addition to launching an app (LexTwerkOut) earlier in the year, Christina Milian has a fashion company called We Are Pop Culture, a wine company called Viva Diva, and other investments.

[Picture by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]