‘Fear: Buried Alive’ — A&E Strange Reality Series Terrifies, As Contestants Go Six Feet Under On Live TV

Fear: Buried Alive is a brand new original A&E special that will air on the network on Monday, October 25, according to their press release by Dread Central. The A&E Network constantly strives to bring its viewers the best in programming. This year, we have seen a number of TV series make their debut on the channel, all of them with a different focus. But, Monday night’s strange reality TV series entitled Fear: Buried Alive will be a live televised event that will follow three contestants that will allow themselves to buried alive. It’s the first experiment of its kind, according to the Fear: Buried Alive sneak peak trailer.

Fear Buried Alive is the first experiment of its kind. [Image via Television Shows/ Twitter]

The Fear: Buried Alive contestants will be held captive and in isolation. Some will feel claustrophobic and unable to breath, while others will feel like they will die at any moment if they are not rescued from the coffins, which will be buried six feet under. Producers say contestants should worry — that there will be fear experts on hand to walk everyone through the process. But some of the concerns many have are: what happens if someone really starts to become so frightened that, somehow, they could actually pass out and die? With a live event such as this — will these experiments go to far?

Fear: Buried Alive is also a study in American fears. In fact, most Americans have a number of fears. Here is what some of the experts shared with A&E about people and the things that scare them out of their minds. The Chapman University Survey of American Fears, which is run by team members of Chapman University, makes it its business to know what scares most people. Through their comprehensive survey, looking at around 88 different fears, they found that people’s fears ranged from fear of animals, fear of the dark, fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of monsters, and fear of being the victim of a crime. Some say they were afraid of being killed in mass shootings, others feared walking alone and making contact with a deranged killer. According to the experts, people’s fears evolve over time. In 2015, many Americans, in particular, are afraid of government corruption.

As for people’s fear of crime, most will not ever encounter an actual killer. But, that doesn’t lessen the fear in any way. It is the one reason that many horror movies are so popular. Everyone’s worst nightmare is to be murdered by a serial killer, when statistically, if a person is killed it will be by someone they know, according to Dr. Christopher Bader.

Mary Best was buried alive in the 1800's. [Image via A&E]

Throughout history, the number of people who have been buried alive are too many to number. Some live burials occur accidentally. Others are intentional. Sadly, most are discovered after they have already died, just like the spine-chilling tale of Mary Best — a teenage girl who was buried alive in the 1800s. According to The Daily Mail, the burial occurred after Mary Best was declared dead due to illness. Her family then placed her in the family crypt. But, when her casket was opened a decade later, they found Mary Best with her mouth open and her body in a contorted position — a position which indicates that the young teen was buried alive.

It seems that the latest television shows are all out to make people face and conquer their fears. Just recently, Inquisitr revealed another new television series entitled Hellevator, which was also designed to make contestants face the fear of being trapped inside of an elevator, later navigating rooms of horror to see if they have the courage to find a way out on their own.

While Investigation Discovery doesn’t have a similar show, they too have focused on all things horror this year, as we see in several of their new TV series, such as Do Not Disturb: Hotel Horrors, Hell House, and True Nightmares. Truth is, the subject of being buried alive has always intrigued human beings and has been the topic of many books, articles, documentaries, and movies. One of the first movies based on the subject came out in 1990 starring Tim Matheson, which was entitled Buried Alive. Since then, three other movies have debuted under the same title.

Now, don’t forget to set your timers to be in front of your TV sets at 8/7 central to watch Fear: Buried Alive on A&E. For more entertainment, check out the following videos of people being buried alive.

“A&E Network will kick off Halloween with one of the most chilling psychological experiments ever on live television when three people are buried alive in an effort to conquer their darkest fears. In this two-hour live event, the participants will be sealed in underground coffins and closely monitored under scientific conditions as they endure a series of escalating horrors designed to test the strength of their psyches. But this extreme experiment is not about escape — it is about enduring and defeating true terror.”

[Image via Irish Film Critic/Twitter]