‘Ladies Of London’ Marissa Hermer Shares Lifestyle & Entertaining Tips

Marissa Hermer

Ladies of London‘s Marissa Hermer has one of the best juggling acts going on Bravo. It seems that being one of the Ladies of London wasn’t enough for Hermer, and she is branching out in business, big time. Stepping out of her husband’s shadow, Marissa Hermer has opened her own restaurant Top Dog, and now has launched a lifestyle blog where she shares recipes, shopping sources, and general thoughts and tips about holidays.

The Inquisitr has reported that Marissa Hermer is the co-owner of the restaurant Bumpkin, which has three locations around London. Bumpkin is comfort food central. There are lots of farm to table fare, and carefully chosen ingredients. Lots of fun and partying is seen at Bumpkin when watching Ladies of London. Matt and Marissa Hermer have found the perfect way to combine British and American fare.

With so much restaurant experience, Marissa Hermer is very qualified to give tips on being an excellent hostess. The Daily Meal shared some tips to help party throwers get it right every time. She has a few secrets that she is happy to share with fans, and readers of her blog, www.marissahermer.com.

“I like to invite a circus of friends, mix it up a bit, and introduce new friends to old friends. It is such a joy to meet someone new, fun, and fabulous at a dinner party, so I try to give this gift to my guests.”

And Hermer tells hosts to always expect the unexpected.

“Always keep a few small chairs/stools that you can pull up to the table for the surprise guest, or the guest you forgot you invited. This has happened to me on a few occasions, and I’ve learned my lesson! It is important that everyone feels welcome — even if you didn’t know they were coming — so tuck away a few extra place settings as well and voila. Of course you are thrilled they joined!”