Is Niall Horan Afraid Of Fans — Again? Ireland’s Un-Welcome Home

Niall Horan may have been excited about going home to Ireland to play some of his last shows with 1D — but so far his return has been rather un-welcoming and One Direction fans may be to blame.

It seems as if Niall Horan has had a hard time since he got to Ireland. For instance, on top of the disasters that loomed after Liam Payne canceled the Belfast show, Niall Horan was also a touch under the weather on October 20, according to the Mirror.

In addition, Niall Horan’s focus on the fact that some One Direction fans are dangerous and too violent has returned. While One Direction was in America touring, Niall Horan made multiple complaints on Twitter that 1D fans needed to chill out when they saw 1D in real life, according to an August 12 report from Cambio.

Niall Horan and One Direction often have to remind fans not to throw things on stage despite the fact they play with water with each other.
Niall Horan and One Direction have had to take aim at fans in the past that cross the line by throwing heavy things on stage during their concerts. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Now, in addition to incidents in America, interactions with wild fans have continued to haunt Niall Horan in his own home country. This time, the problem is related to Niall Horan playing an electric guitar — and fans almost electrocuting him by throwing water bottles at him on stage.

About the incident, the Standard posted video of the water bottle abuse that Niall Horan endured at the Belfast concert. Allegedly, after the near-electrocution, Niall Horan said to the crowd, “Ow things hurt when you throw them at people.. Alright? UUHH.”

The Irish Independent stated that there was even a Twitter hashtag for #CanYouRespectNiall that was directly related to the water bottle/electrocution issue.

All of this disrespect by Irish 1D fans could be a huge let-down for Niall Horan. After all, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Niall Horan has not been home in a while, but he has plenty of plans for taking time off in Ireland.

Once One Direction goes on break, it is rumored that Niall Horan will start a band with fellow Irish musicians and buy a house in his home country.

Despite everything, 1D fans outside of Ireland thank their lucky stars for Niall Horan and One Direction — and they sometimes have a strange way of showing it.

Niall Horan is often hassled by fans, but in 2010 in London, One Direction was often spared abuse from 1D fans.
Niall Horan enjoyed less aggressive fans during One Direction's early days as celebrities. (Photo by Neil Mockford/Getty Images)

For example, around the time that Niall Horan was being shaded by 1D fans at the Belfast concert, Billboard published a full-page ad that fans purchased to tell One Direction: “Thank you for being our everything.”

Despite Niall Horan’s lack of a welcoming atmosphere in his home country of Ireland, he is doing everything to take it in stride. The Ballymena Times reports on October 23 that Niall Horan took some time off from shows with One Direction in Ireland to make “brave Molly’s dream come true.” About Niall Horan’s visit, they state the following.

“Molly Taylor, who has battled Medulloblastoma – a type of brain tumor, finally realized her long-term dream at one of their Belfast concerts, meeting… her personal favorite, Niall Horan.”

As for what Niall Horan might be doing in the near future, London Community News has some clues. According to their October 24 report, Niall Horan said to radio 2FM, “Five albums in five years… I’d like to think I deserve a holiday.”

Finally, although it seems like Niall Horan’s life has had a strange trajectory since he arrived in Ireland, he did get some good news about his favorite pastime outside of music — sports.

According to Yahoo! Celeb U.K., Niall Horan and One Direction may have a chance to perform at the 2016 Super Bowl. Insiders allege the following about Niall Horan and the Super Bowl.

“NFL bigwigs want a one-off show that will be remembered and garner the greatest audience figures ever. Obviously the 12-minute half-time show will be worth millions in revenue, sales and downloads too. With the band finishing it would be the ultimate way for the group to say farewell to their fans.”

[Picture by Ben Pruchnie/Stringer/Getty Images]