‘The Flash’ Season 2 Spoilers: First Look At Caitlin As Killer Frost And Her Connection To Tom Welling Appearing As Superman

For a full season, and now into the second, Danielle Panabaker’s character of Caitlin Snow has been a huge part of The Flash. Well, the goody-two-shoes is sweet and pretty and very smart, but she’s destined for so much more and it’s exactly the opposite of what she is now. In the future, Caitlin is going to take a villainous turn as Killer Frost and it could mean that fans are ever closer to Tom Welling showing up as Superman from Smallville.

As revealed by Comicbook.com, Panabaker was a guest on The Talk on CBS, and the still shot of the evil Killer Frost is brand new and was revealed for the first time. She is the villain alter-ego of Caitlin and it appears as if the transformation on the show is going to be pretty awesome.

Panabaker appears just as excited as everyone else.

“It was awesome, I’m so excited. You know, I’m such a girl and I love getting dressed up in that look. We started working on the look a couple of months before it actually shot, so our first suit was like a one-piece, kind of like a Catwoman [costume], very sexy. But it didn’t feel quite right, and then we changed it to be a top and these really cool leather pants. And the hair was awesome! It started…as this short little pixie wig, and we just kept adding more and more hair. It’s great. I’m really excited.”

It was revealed that her future destiny, and that of Killer Frost, will be known later in season 2 of The Flash. Some have wondered if the villain’s reveal means that Caitlin’s time on the show will be limited, but there could be a way around that.

caitlin snow killer frost the flash rumors

With the reveal of alternate Earths earlier in this season, Caitlin could be her regular self in Earth-1 while Killer Frost could exist in Earth-2 or some other parallel universe. Then again, Cisco is experiencing some metahuman powers on Earth-1 so anything is possible.

That being said, it really and truly seems as if Tom Welling appearing as Superman from Smallville could truly become a reality.

superman smallville the flash tom welling`

Back in February, the rumor started on Reddit and revealed a few things that some people thought would be impossible. The rumors reportedly came from something The Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti said and dissecting it makes things exciting.

“Now, from what I gather, this Superman is going to be played by Tom Welling and his Superman may or may not be tied to Smallville but I think that the end season 1 would introduce an alternate timeline where Superman exists and Caitlin and Cisco are metahumans.”

Looking at these things that were reported back in February and comparing them with the three episodes of The Flash which began season 2 in early October. So far, only one of them has not yet come true.

1. Alternate timeline – Check!

2. Caitlin as a metahuman – Check!

3. Cisco as a metahuman – Check!

4. Tom Welling appearing as Superman from Smallville – TBD

Three out of four things have already happened or are about to happen, and it all comes from a rumor that is now eight-months-old. Since those in Central City never appear to have heard of Superman before, it would seem as if Clark Kent and his alter-ego are from an alternate Earth.

One other thing that is certain for season 2 of The Flash is going to be a huge return, and that’s of Gorilla Grodd. Entertainment Weekly confirmed the huge and hairy villain is coming back and it’s going to involve Caitlin in another big storyline as executive producer Andrew Kriesberg teases.

“(It’ll be an action-packed hour)…in which Caitlin plays Fay Wray to Grodd’s Kong. In season 1, you got to see a tiny bit of her relationship of Grodd. You’ll get to see a little bit more of that and understand their connection from before. He’s got some unfinished business with her, I’d say.”

Danielle Panabaker is going to be a huge part of season 2 of The Flash which is confirmed and not just rumors anymore. Grodd wants more to do with her and in time, her character of Caitlin will turn into Killer Frost, but does that mean Superman (Tom Welling) will head over from Smallville? Only time will tell.

[Images via The CW]