Employers Place Stranglehold Around Social Media In The Workplace [Infographical Study]

With more than 901+ social media users taking advantage of Facebook, hundreds of millions using Twitter and an increasing population spending hours on Pinterest it should come as no surprise that business owners and the higher-ups at America’s corporations are carefully eyeing social media and putting a stranglehold on its at-work use.

According to a study by employment research and development provider PayScale top-level executives are mostly like to view social media work in a negative way as they attempt to “keep employees on a tight leash.”

Furthermore the study found that nearly half of all companies (42%) have forbid all social media activity at work. In fact those groups believe social media outreach should be reserved for carefully managed brand promotion and professionally handled through the use of social recruiting.

To corral social media use 53% of company’s have formal policies for the use of such platforms among their employees.

The social media workplace study also found that small, medium and large-sized businesses all have social media policies, pointing to almost no divide based on business size.

Not all social media is shunned by employees, company’s of all sizes point to social media use when examining hiring practices.

In the meantime 2 out of every 5 Gen Y workers say they would accept free reign of social media use at work over a higher salary while more than 50% of employees 55 and older say they use social media while at work.

Here’s the social media “employers” infographic:

How Employers Really Feel About Social Media

Did any of the information shown courtesy of the infographic surprise you?