‘Fallout 4’ Now Complete, 27 Different Versions Ready For November 10 Release Date

Fallout 4

On November 10, players will return to the wasteland with the release of Fallout 4. With a little over two weeks of wait remaining, players all over the world are just days away from one of the most anticipated games of 2015. Regular cartoon videos featuring each letter of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system have continued to build anticipation over the last several weeks, and today, Bethesda had a welcome announcement about Fallout 4.

Stating that “the bombs have fallen” on the official Bethesda Game Studios Twitter account, developers announced that Fallout 4 is complete. The game, and its 27 different versions, are all content complete and will likely release on the targeted date. Basically, the game has gone gold and this last stretch before the November 10 release is merely a waiting game for players since Fallout 4 is unlikely to be delayed at this point.

In Fallout 4, players will be able to create their Vault 111 survivor, craft custom weapons, maintain a set of power armor, and event layout their own settlement. Additionally, the single player RPG lets the player recruit companions, modify their character with hundreds perks, and explore the vast wasteland of post-apocalyptic Boston. The V.A.T.S. interface is returning with a few new bells and whistles while the option to play in either first or third person will also be included.

Fallout 4

No matter which platform a player chooses or what language they will play the game in, Bethesda wants you to be prepared for the Fallout 4 release date. A couple of weeks ago, the developer posted the PC requirements, console storage space required, and exact time of the game’s release to the Bethesda.net website.

Minimum personal computer requirements are listed with a few other PC-specific details. Fallout 4 players on PC can plug in and play with an Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller if they choose to do so. Steam achievements will be included, and PC copies will need to be activated on Steam. According to Hines, “The disc doesn’t contain the entire game.” In the same Twitter discussion, he states that the reason Steam activation is required is to combat piracy. Not to mention, the PC version will ship on a DVD while console copies are delivered on a Blu-Ray disc.

Fallout 4

Although the game is not out yet, a season pass is already confirmed with a price of $30. Thankfully, no platform will benefit from a timed exclusive. As the Inquisitr reported, as long as the DLC is ready, players can expect to see its release simultaneously across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. There is no word yet on what kind of DLC will be made for Fallout 4. The popular creation kit for the game has also not been detailed yet.

Are you ready for the release of Fallout 4? What features are looking forward to the most?

[Images via Bethesda]