Katy Perry And Kate Hudson Cry Over 'Hello' By Adele -- Russell Crowe And Sam Smith Love It, Too

Dustin Murrell

Katy Perry gave pillowcase evidence that she loves the new Adele video for the song "Hello" that was released earlier today.

Katy has had years to build up some tears for a new Adele release. The artist releases albums that are named after her age at the time of release. Perry's new favorite song will be released on the album 25. Adele's last studio album was named 21. You can do the math. With that long of a wait, it's no surprise that Katy Perry was brought to tears.

Going strictly by the numbers, Perry's Prism was the least successful of her three studio albums, selling 4 million copies worldwide. By contrast, Adele's third album could outsell Katy's most successful album, Teenage Dream, by over a million albums, and it would still be Adele's least successful album.

[Image credit Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]