Liam Payne’s Anxiety, Tour Stress Meltdown Is Reality, Says Study

Liam Payne has a problem with fame and being on tour constantly just like Zayn Malik.

Is Liam Payne finally agreeing with Zayn Malik that constant touring alone is a good enough reason to quit One Direction? Fans may remember that when Zayn Malik quit One Direction — it was due to tour stress.

Sadly, it seems like all of the shading that Liam Payne did to Zayn Malik in late March is coming back to haunt him. In the days before Zayn Malik quit 1D, he dropped out of a show in their Asian tour leg.

About Zayn taking time off from the band, Liam Payne said on March 20 that “Zayn Malik has a problem with fame,” according to E! Online.

On March 26, insiders told Hollywood Life that “Zayn felt like he had to quit 1D or he would die! He just couldn’t handle everything that came from the insanity of fame and being a huge celebrity.”

Around May 23, songwriter Jamie Scott told the Sunday Mirror the following.

“Zayn went because he’d had enough. Have you ever been on the road for four years? These guys aren’t at home. There is no way the same thing is going to run through all five guys, that they’re all going to want to be on the road so much together. Eventually he got to a point where he’d had enough.”

Of course, according to a Mirror report on October 14, Liam Payne told Good Morning Britain that when Zayn Malik left One Direction it was a “disaster” — but now things have been declared a victory for each party.

Nevertheless, like Zayn Malik, does Liam Payne have a “problem with fame” and hatred of “endless touring” — or does he simply need a management change?

Liam Payne has felt homesick for a time before he was in One Direction.

As it appears, Liam Payne’s real reason for canceling the October 20 One Direction concert in Belfast, Ireland was not food poisoning — but a fame allergy.

According to an insider report on October 21 from The Sun, “The pressures of fame and being on the road for two years have made Liam ill. He was devastated about letting everyone down, especially the fans, but he wasn’t physically able to get on stage. He had a complete meltdown.”

Sadly, fans in Belfast were devastated that Liam Payne had left them in the lurch, and the rain stained their faces as much as their tears, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Liam Payne was showing signs of stress and being homesick long before he had overwhelming anxiety that led to the Belfast 1D show cancellation.

According to a September 11 report from OK Magazine, Liam Payne also admitted to Attitude Magazine that he sometimes would consume alcohol to deal with the stress of touring.

Regardless, there might be a good reason for tour-related stress that Liam Payne and Zayn Malik have discussed — and there is a recent study proving this.

The Help Musicians Charity U.K. published a study in mid-2015 that states, “over 60-percent of musicians have suffered from depression or other psychological issues, with touring an issue for 71-percent of respondents.”

Liam Payne may have been putting too much stress on himself to be happy with constant touring according to a mental health study by a British musician's charity.

Thankfully, Simon Cowell seems to have Liam Payne’s back. According to an October 22 report from ITV, Simon Cowell seems to think any member of One Direction, including Liam Payne, are entitled to a breakdown — and they quote Cowell stating the following.

“I think [One Direction has] got to take some time off. That schedule after five years was unbelievable. It’s not until they stop, that’s going to be when they’re going to realize how tired they are. And then they’re going to decide what they want to do next.”

If Liam Payne is having trouble with tour life, fans might suggest he get a new management team. Billboard reported on October 22 that Liam Payne’s fans started posting on Twitter around October 14 that they were delighted he might have a new manager.

It turned out that a golf magazine simply made an error (according to a second Billboard report) stating incorrectly that famed entertainment manager, Irving Azoff, might be Liam Payne and the 1D gents’ next manager. This would mean Liam Payne’s current managers, Modest Management, would be booted to the curb — much to the delight of many One Direction fans.

[Picture by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]