Texas Man Speaks For The First Time Since Losing Wife, Two Children, In Texas Flooding, Says Daughter Spoke To Him In A Dream

Jonathan McComb

Jonathan McComb lost his wife and two children during the recent flash flooding in Texas after their Memorial Day vacation home was swept off of its foundation and into the nearby Blanco River. The grieving husband and father spoke with the media for the first time since the tragic deaths during a memorial service held on the river during which he scattered flowers and floral wreaths into the waters that claimed the lives of his entire family. Jonathan says that his 4-year-old daughter, Leighton, came to him in a dream and explained that Jesus had picked her, along with her mother and 6-year-old brother Andrew, out of the water and took them to heaven. McComb says that he finds solace in the belief that his family is waiting for him in heaven.

The Daily Mail reports that Jonathan McComb lost his entire family while on vacation over Memorial Day this year. The doting father and husband was staying in a vacation home on the Blanco River in Wimberley, Texas, when flash flooding suddenly washed upon the area. The family of four and six other family friends were trapped in the home. Sadly, Jonathan would be the only one to make it out of the situation alive. The other nine perished in the river after the house was lifted from its foundation and taken down the river where it crashed into a nearby bridge. Jonathan suffered from broken ribs and a collapsed lung but survived the harrowing ordeal.

Texas mother Laura McComb's body has been identified

Speaking for the first time to WFAA, McComb says that he had an extremely difficult time after realizing that his entire family had been taken from him during the flood. His 34-year-old wife, Laura McComb, 6-year-old son Andrew, and 4-year-old daughter Leighton all perished in the flooding, along with six other family friends who were staying in the vacation home with them for Memorial Day. Jonathan recalled the tragic event during the interview, claiming that he prayed constantly as the home floated down the river and at one point just asked God to “take him home.” However, it wasn’t his time and Jonathan somehow surfaced through the flooding waters and made his way to a nearby beach where he scaled a cliff to a house above.

“At one point underwater I said I’m done. I said take me home, I’m going to heaven and I just went limp underwater.”

Texas Flooding

Despite the tragedy, Jonathan said he desperately wanted to dream about his lost family members. He says that for five months he didn’t dream about his deceased family members but that all changed recently when he says his daughter came to him in a dream describing what happened to them on the Blanco River that day. Jonathan says his wife, son and daughter all came running to him in his dream before his daughter explained that “they didn’t make it” but that “we got picked up by a man on the stream” and we are “in heaven.”

“She said ‘We didn’t make it Daddy, but you did. We got picked up by a man on the stream and it was Jesus and we’re in heaven.'”

Jonathan says that the dream has brought him comfort as he now believes his family is waiting for him in heaven and that one day he will be reunited with them once more. Meanwhile, Jonathan McComb says he isn’t changing a thing about the Corpus Christi home he shared with his wife and two children. He says the children’s bedrooms have been left untouched with their backpacks still hanging as they left them, along with pictures that were being colored on an art table. He says that leaving the home in the state it was when they left for the Wimberley vacation home is keeping the memories of his family alive.

“It keeps the memory alive. I mean I don’t know what I would do without the memories. That’s what’s pushing me along the most I guess.”

The father also says that letters received from people across the country and support from remaining extended family members and friends are also helping him with the grief and loss.

[Image via Facebook/ Laura McComb]