New ‘Love Test’ Ad Goes Viral: Nets 4.6M Views, Social Media Reacts

Over 4.6 million people watched First Kiss director Tatia Pilieva’s newest short film, Love Test, during the first few days it was released. It is possible that the film will net 100 million viewers or more, just like First Kiss.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Love Test has a predecessor called First Kiss. The wildly popular viral video by Tatia Pilieva led to several cover videos that filmed strangers kissing each other for the first time.

Now, since being released to the public on October 22 via YouTube, Love Test (with the help of makeup mogul, Revlon) is testing theories on love once again, and social media is enthusiastic.

Revlon is a fan of love themes, and in 2015 Kevin and Danielle Jonas celebrated "National Lover's Day" in April. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Revlon)

But will Love Test be as popular as First Kiss? About the number of views that First Kiss received on YouTube over the first few days, the Huffington Post quotes Tatia Pilieva on March 17, 2014, stating the following.

“[On] March 11, First Kiss launched on Style. By lunchtime, we had about 30,000 views and by the time I was going to bed it had reached close to 600,000 and made the front page of Reddit… At last count [a week later around March 17], it has more than 59 million.”

With 4.6 million views within the first 48 hours of release, it is clear that Love Test is following the same statistics as its predecessor, First Kiss.

In addition to First Kiss and Love Test, Tatia Pilieva recently released her full-feature film, Forever, in September 2015. Unlike Love Test, Forever is a film about questioning love based on an experience a young investigative journalist has at a commune she visits.

What is Love Test about? Bustle highlights that Tatia Pilieva stated her intentions were to “show that our love runs deeper than our doubts or insecurities.”

Adding to the theme behind Love Test, a press release from Revlon said, “A new study released today by Revlon and Fordham University proves that performing a simple daily makeup ritual can enhance a woman’s emotional state and expand her openness to love and romance.”

Revlon also reported the following on October 22, “… 97 percent of participants [reported] a significant positive change in them within the first week…”

Of course, fans that loved First Kiss are taking the time to sing the praises of Love Test. Included in the reviews on YouTube for Revlon Love Test: Choose Love were comments like, “The only commercial that I Feel is very genuine and HONEST. I love this.”

Another fan writes, “This had me smiling and warmed my heart through the whole video. Real people… real love. It’s out there. I love the ending, the reactions from their guys. Nice job Revlon!”

Could the Love Test change commercials forever? It appears that Love Test was the type of commercial that some stubborn online users would actually like to see.

For instance, the Love Test video seemed to appeal to people that typically do not like advertisements, with one commentator stating, “LOVED this so much, I never watch ads especially ones geared to women driven by ‘big brands’ but this one is so special. Great job Revlon!”

About their Fordham University study and Love Test video, Revlon CEO Lorenzo Delpani told AdAge on October 21, “When you put on makeup, it’s like opening yourself to the possibilities of love… This, [makes people] more fully open to the love around you, both to receiving and giving.”

Love Test was a success as a film and study for Revlon CEO Lorenzo Delpani.
Love Test is something that gives Revlon's CEO, Lorenzo Delpani, a great deal to feel proud of. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

One fan filmed her own review of Love Test published on October 22, and her reaction was an “emotional response.”

YouTube vlogger Lily Sweetz A.K.A. @ForTheLoveOfLily writes the following about her viewing of Love Test.

“Choosing not to ever have love in your life … am I choosing not to have love? I don’t know, maybe I have chosen to not have love in any of my life … and that’s sad … and I didn’t realize [until I watched Love Test] that that’s sad.”

[Picture by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]