‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Which Main Character Might Die In ‘Thank You?’

'The Walking Dead' Main Character Might Die In 'Thank You'

The Walking Dead viewers better get ready to fret over the fate of one of their favorite main characters. If you want to avoid spoilers about the identity of this character, you’ll definitely want to stop reading right now.

The Walking Dead powers-that-be have worked hard to convince fans of the AMC series that no character is safe, and they could prove it in the upcoming episode, “Thank You.” The potential death of a beloved character will already be difficult for fans to deal with, but fans have another reason to get frustrated and angry with The Walking Dead writers and showrunner Scott M. Gimple — the character in question won’t be going out in a blaze of glory, and his death won’t be witnessed by any other survivors. To make matters worse, it looks like viewers might have to wait two or more weeks to know for sure whether this character actually died.

The real Walking Dead spoilers are about to begin, so don’t read on if you’ve changed your mind and don’t want to know the identity of the character or the details of his possible death. Be forewarned that there will also be a few Walking Dead comic book spoilers.

According to the Spoiling Dead Fans, the character in question is none other than Glenn (Steven Yeun), the former pizza delivery boy who gets one of the most memorable deaths in The Walking Dead comic books. Many fans are convinced that Glenn will meet the same fate on the TV series, and some are actually pretty excited about the prospect of poor Glenn getting his head bashed in by notorious comic book baddie Negan and the destructive object of his obsession, a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat that he has named Lucille. However, now there’s a very real possibility that poor Glenn will never get the chance to meet Negan and Lucille — instead, he’ll get a dumpster death alongside Nicholas (Michael Traynor), the Alexandrian who left him for dead and later tried to kill him. Glenn decided to spare Nicolas’ life, and his decision might come back to haunt him.

Nicolas And Glenn Die On 'The Walking Dead'

The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page has proved to be a very accurate source of information for those who live for spoilers, so few of its faithful followers are questioning its description of Glenn’s death scene. The scene reportedly happens about 45 minutes into the episode titled “Thank You.” Glenn and Nicolas try to escape a horde of walkers, and they find themselves cornered on top of a dumpster.

“Trapped on top of the dumpster Nicholas panics. He pulls out a gun and says ‘Thank You’ to Glenn and proceeds to kill himself. Glenn and Nichols fall off of the dumpster. Nicholas’ body is under a mound of walkers. Glenn’s body is under another pile of walkers. Glenn gets completely devoured. No one is around to see or hear him die.”

Bits of the dumpster scene can be seen in The Walking Dead Comic-Con trailer. At the 1:16 mark, a group of walkers is shown surrounding a dumpster. It looks like the walkers in front of the dumpster might be devouring someone.

Needless to say, Walking Dead fans are completely freaking out about this scene description. However, many skeptics aren’t convinced that Glenn actually dies, and they could be right — it’s possible that Glenn’s death scene was only a hallucination. One fan theorized that a traumatized Glenn may actually be inside the dumpster imagining what could have happened to him.

“I think a lot of people have forgot this image from the trailer,” Donnie Bigler commented. “It shows one obvious person on the ground being eaten but it’s implied by the camera angle that someone is trapped inside the dumpster. I believe that Glenn finds his was inside and has a vision that he is being eaten like everyone else believes.”

The Walking Dead Dumpster Scene Could Be Glenn's Death

The dumpster does appear to be slightly open in The Walking Dead trailer above, and there’s also a chain link fence beside it that Glenn could try to climb.

Other Walking Dead fans pointed out that Steven Yeun was spotted filming scenes this week. He was also photographed on set with Tom Payne, the actor who plays the comic book character named Jesus. Jesus hasn’t even appeared on the show yet, so there’s still a glimmer of hope for Glenn fans.

It’s possible that the Glenn scene was specifically filmed to mess with the heads of spoiler hounds. The Hollywood Reporter points out that The Walking Dead powers-that-be work very hard to keep fans in the dark about what’s going to happen in future episodes of the show, especially when it comes to who is going to die. Glenn is one of the characters that fans speculate about most, so it would make sense for the writers to want to pull a fast one on viewers by fooling them with a sham death scene.

“I’ve struggled with this a lot actually; sometimes I do get perturbed by it. It’s not because it’s annoying — it’s mostly because I want [fans trying to catch a glimpse near the set] to experience the best version of what we’re doing,” Yeun said when he was asked about the sneaky fans who stalk around The Walking Dead set hoping to see a few spoilers.

If the death scene described above does turn out to be a hallucination, fans probably won’t find this out next week. According to Cleveland.com, next week’s episode, “Here’s Not Here,” will likely be a 90-minute Morgan Jones (Lennie James) flashback. SpoilerTV reports that the following week’s episode is titled “Now,” and it will focus on what’s going on with the “sheltered citizens” in Alexandria after the brutal attack by the Wolves. It’s possible that Walking Dead fans will find out whether or not Glenn was hallucinating during “Now,” but there’s also a chance that he’ll still be trapped and unable to return home. Worse yet, he may actually be dead.

Do you think Glenn will really die during the next episode of The Walking Dead?

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