Caitlyn Jenner Steals Angelina Jolie & Kate Middleton’s Styles As Transgender Star Rocks Weight Loss With Soy Diet

Caitlyn Jenner rocks style.

Caitlyn Jenner just may be the soaring star in the celebrity fashion world. The reality TV star, who first was known as Bruce Jenner on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and now as Caitlyn, has her own show that focuses on her transgender lifestyle, I Am Cait, has been stealing the style secrets of Duchess Kate Middleton and actress Angelina Jolie. As a result, Jenner is rocking her fabulous appearances, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Turning her dress choice into a “Who Wore It Best” debate, Caitlyn recently appeared in the gorgeous blue Issa London frock that Duchess Kate chose in which to share her engagement to Prince William in 2010. But why stop at replicating Middleton’s dress taste? Jenner also slipped on black high heels that resembled Duchess Kate’s selection when Caitlyn dined at Los Angeles’ Jon & Vinny’s Italian restaurant.

Jenner is joined in admiring Middleton’s style by many other women. After Duchess Kate first donned the dress in 2010, it became a must-have item. And when Harvey Nichols department store offered the frock at $900 this summer, it was a super sell-out.

In addition to Middleton’s style, Caitlyn is a fan of Angelina Jolie. Jenner showed it with her choice for the ESPYs, where she appeared in a Atelier Versace wrap frock that resembled Angelina’s style choice a few years earlier.

Caitlyn Jenner rocks fashion choice.

Caitlyn made it easy by meeting with Jen Rade, a celebrity stylist, and asking her to go for a Jolie style.

“[Jen] does Angelina Jolie and I just love her look,” said Caitlyn.

Jenner wanted what Jen described as a throwback to the early days of Hollywood chic.

“The look that Caitlyn was going for was definitely old Hollywood glamour,” clarified the celebrity stylist. “Something very chic, classic and sophisticated.”

For Jenner, choosing a new wardrobe since her transition from male to female has become a passion, and she’s even lost weight to help her achieve a more hourglass figure, according to the Daily Mail.

Caitlyn Jenner chose this wrap dress for the ESPYS.

At 65, Caitlyn is dieting so that she can rock those dresses just like Duchess Kate and Angelina. To slim down, Jenner has cut her portion sizes and swapped meat for products made with soy.

“She really changed all aspects of her life after her transition, including the way she ate,” revealed an insider. “She stopped eating meat almost entirely and started eating more soy products to help decrease the testosterone and increase estrogen.”

Eating a healthy diet isn’t a new concept to Caitlyn. Jenner is a former Olympic athlete who was so well-known that she made the cover of the Wheaties cereal box.

It’s not just meat that Caitlyn has eliminated from her diet, however. Jenner also reduced her weight by slashing her consumption of those tempting junk foods.

Caitlyn Jenner slims down.

To guide her with her weight loss goals, Caitlyn is getting help from a nutrition expert. The specialist focuses on transgender clients.

Jenner now takes pride in her slimmer, more feminine figure, said an insider.

“Caitlyn’s very proud of her new body,” added the source.

But Jenner hasn’t managed to conquer one bad habit: Caitlyn still smokes cigarettes. Her pals recognize the danger and are concerned about the impact of tobacco on Jenner’s health, reported Radar Online.

A source revealed that as Bruce Jenner, the addiction to cigarettes caused health problems. And it’s continued to be a habit that Caitlyn can’t seem to kick despite the pleas of her friends.

“All of Cait’s friends are hoping she can kick this filthy habit, which was a real problem for Bruce and played havoc on his health for years,” added the source. “It’s a real worry, because she can go through two or three packs a day when things are stressful, and it’s playing with her health big time.”

Whether it’s hypnosis or patches, Caitlyn is receiving encouragement to stop smoking from those friends.

“The fear is that she’ll wind up in an early grave unless she figures out a way to stop,” noted the source.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]