Adele Nearly Scrapped New ’25’ Album? ‘Hello’ Singer Admits She Finds Fame ‘Toxic’

Adele may have happily surprised fans with the news of her impending album, 25, but according to Adele, the highly anticipated follow-up album to 2011’s 21 almost didn’t happen.

Almost five years after Adele took the music industry by storm with her powerful vocals and emotional tracks like, “Someone Like You” and “Rolling in the Deep,” Adele announced earlier this week that she has finally completed work on her third studio album.

The album, 25, follows Adele’s pattern of naming her studio records after her ages; however, Adele admitted to fans in an Twitter post earlier this week that despite her being 27 years of age when 25 drops in November, Adele wanted to capture that time in her life because it served as the “turning point” from being an “old adolescent” and a “fully-fledged adult.”

While Adele fans are rejoicing over the exciting news of 25‘s nearing release, Adele is now opening up about her struggles to complete the album despite her previous successes with albums 19 and 21.

In a new interview with DJ Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2’s Breakfast Show on Friday, Adele reflects on how she has changed since releasing her first album at just 19-years-old before Adele admits that she struggled so much with the writing process for 25 that she nearly gave up on the album altogether.

“I was struggling to write my record, so it all slowed down,” Adele explains, noting that while she took some time off to have a baby, she had a difficult time getting back into the writing process.

“Obviously, I took a bit of time off because I became a mum. Then when I thought I was ready to start writing I wasn’t. So I took some more time off. And then I was ready. So a couple of times I thought I’d dried up.”

Adele further explains that at one point, she nearly gave up on 25 because she feared that people had heard enough of her music and that she didn’t want to disappoint fans with music that “people wouldn’t like.”

Luckily for Adele fans, Adele is already skyrocketing up the music charts with her first release from 25, “Hello,” before releasing the video accompaniment for the track on October 23.

While Adele may be feeling the nerves ahead of 25‘s release in a few weeks, Adele admits that she isn’t fearful of getting back into the spotlight because she finds the concept of fame to be “toxic” and “quite frightening,” Mirror UK reports.

“I find it pretty easy really. Fame is not real and I don’t wanna live a fake life.”

Adele explains that while she understands the charm and lure of fame, she knows it “doesn’t last” and doesn’t want to be involved in anything but her music.

In regard to Adele’s surprise release of both her first single off of 25, “Hello,” and the haunting black-and-white video accompaniment for the track, Adele admits that she felt “sick” with anxiety before it debuted on the radio.

Adele admits that shortly before “Hello” was to air on the radio, she found herself nearly in tears because she wanted her comeback single to truly resonate with fans.

“I thought no-one’s going to know it’s me. It’ll backfire. When I looked there went three tweets. I thought I’d missed my window. But then my boyfriend told me there were loads.”

As for how Adele is planning on making her comeback after a four-year absence from the industry, Adele promises that she has some big surprises in store for fans.

Adele’s new album, 25, is set to release on November 20.

What do you think of Adele admitting that she struggled to write 25?

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