Anthony Sanchez, California Water Director, Arrested For Allegedly Whipping Son During Game Of Catch [Video]

Anthony Sanchez, a director with the Imperial County Irrigation District in California, turned himself in to authorities on Friday after a neighbor videotaped him beating his stepson with a belt during a game of catch in his backyard.

The L.A. Times reports that Sanchez is under arrest for alleged felony child abuse following the video, and the case will be presented to the Imperial County District Attorney’s office on Monday to determine if he will be formally charged.

KETKNBC reports that Oscar Lopez, a neighbor of Sanchez, filmed the incident on Wednesday morning, and can be heard after a minute, telling Sanchez to stop. Lopez says in the video:

“That’s enough. I’m having a (expletive) problem with you for beating the (expletive) out of him because he won’t catch the damn ball.”

Sanchez responds by asking if he knows his son. Lopez replies:

“I don’t know your son but I’m watching you. I’m a (expletive) father too. Why don’t you come over here and teach me?”

KETKNBC reports that Sanchez’s attorney, Ryan Childers stated that the man in the videotape is indeed Sanchez. He stated though that the videotaped interaction between Anthony Sanchez and his 10-year-old stepson doesn’t warrant a felony child abuse charge. He further stated:

“Certainly the video is hard to watch. We acknowledge that,” Childers told CNN. “The question concerning that though is, was this criminal conduct under California law, and if so, is this the most serious type of child abuse? Is this an appropriate charge? What’s appropriate here and what is criminal conduct is what is the issue here.”

According to WFJA Radio, Anthony Sanchez was released on Friday after he posted on a $100,000 bail, according to a jail clerk.

[Image courtesy of NBC-11]