‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Shawn-Douglas Returns Home, Bo And Steve Are In A Difficult Spot

Viewers will definitely want to tune into Friday’s episode of Days of Our Lives. Spoilers share that a core family member is returning to Salem, but he may have some strong opinions to share regarding what has been happening with his family. There are some tense moments ahead for others in town as well, and fans will definitely want to catch this episode.

As DOOL viewers have seen, Hope is excitedly preparing to marry Aiden, just as he is contemplating killing her for her insurance money. She is trying to move past her relationship with Bo, thinking he deserted her while he is desperately trying to return home. According to We Love Soaps, viewers will see a lot happening in the October 23 episode that relates to Hope and her family.

Word has been out for a while now that Jason Cook would be returning to DOOL in the role of Shawn-Douglas Brady for a bit, and this begins on Friday’s episode. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Shawn is back in town and quickly catching up to speed on his mother’s plans to marry Aiden. However, it seems that he will not be very happy about these plans.

Steve has been suspicious of Aiden and Hope’s plans, and it sounds as if Shawn might be as well. It is being reported that Cook will be back as Shawn for about two months, but there have also been rumblings that after that, the show may recast the role to keep Hope and Bo’s son in town. Belle and the couple’s daughter, Claire, are expected to show up in town in November, and it does sound as if they’ll be around for a while.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry notes, Steve is working feverishly to find Bo and bring him home. However, he’s running into a lot of trouble on this front. Bo had made a big move to get away from his captors, but he hit a major snag. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Bo and Steve will reunite on Friday’s episode, but not in the way they had hoped. It seems they will be together, but as captives again.

Also ahead on Friday’s episode, DOOL fans will see some tense moments between Ben and Abigail. His jealousy is wreaking havoc throughout Salem and, of course, she has no idea just how bad things are. From the sounds of things, this dance will continue for a while yet. When will Abigail realize that her fiance is a serial killer?

Days of Our Lives spoilers also share that JJ will be talking about a new career path on Friday’s episode, but both Abigail and Jennifer will be resistant to his plans. What is it he has in mind? Some wonder if he may be thinking of pursuing police work, and it isn’t hard to understand why his loved ones would have some worries about that.

She Knows Soaps teases that during the week of October 26, Bo will learn of Hope’s wedding plans from Steve, and the duo will battle fiercely to make their way back to Salem. Aiden struggles with the idea of killing hope while Eve makes a move to avenge Paige’s death. Chad will make some serious progress in his recovery, but Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that he will also be arrested for the Necktie Killer murders.

How will Hope learn of Aiden’s ulterior motives? When will Chad be vindicated and Ben’s responsibility for the murder rampage revealed? There are plenty more juicy moments ahead on Days of Our Lives in the episodes to come, and fans can’t wait to see what comes next.

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