One Direction Anger Traveling Sports Fans Again: Indonesia, Belfast

One Direction angers sports and 1D fans yet again because of travel plans

Did One Direction film their new video “Perfect” in a hotel because they knew that the band was perfect at causing travel problems? According to some One Direction fans and sports fans in a couple of countries, this appears to be the case.

One Direction cannot always have everything go perfectly with their live performances and recently had to cancel their October 20 show in Belfast, Ireland, at the SSE Arena. Regardless, it is interesting that One Direction has managed to offend sports fans in two countries, their own fans, and themselves in 2015 — all because of travel stress.

Sadly, One Direction had to cancel their Belfast, Ireland, concert on October 20 because Liam Payne allegedly had a nervous meltdown, according to 1D insiders at the Sun. On October 22, Contra Costa Times and others quoted from the print-only edition of the the Sun with the following.

“The pressures of fame and [traveling on the road while on tour] for two years have made Liam ill… He was devastated about letting everyone down, especially the fans, but he wasn’t physically able to get on stage. He had a complete meltdown.”

About the cancellation, the Evening Times wrote on October 21 that one 1D fan said, “Hearing of other families who have traveled from Holland, France [to Ireland], places like that, that have lost all that money, that have cost all that money, the expense of driving up, it is terrible.”

One Direction is always popular, but when fans are mad at them, its usually related to travel issue.

Fans were outraged and many were brought to tears because One Direction had fans waiting for three hours, according to Belfast Live.

Worse, there was cold rain to greet the departing disappointed fans as they waited for public transportation that was not expecting the crowd until a later time, according to an Ireland Independent report from October 22.

Nevertheless, it appears that many Irish One Direction fans have forgiven them — and the Belfast Telegraph reported on October 23 that 1D fans have been waiting at the venue since their local time of 5 a.m. (doors open at 6 p.m.).

However, the real Belfast One Direction scandal appears to be that their rescheduled concert date has hockey fans in Ireland incensed. As the biggest boy band of the year, One Direction can hardly reschedule their show at a normal-sized music venue and instead typically perform in stadiums to crowds of 40,000 to 80,000.

For this reason, rescheduling their show meant One Direction had to rent the SSE Arena again — and someone else had to be booted.

In this case, the SSE Arena was previously scheduled for an Irish hockey team. The day after One Direction canceled their Belfast show, the Irish Examiner wrote on October 21 that “One Direction’s rescheduled concert has angered ice hockey team Sheffield Steelers, who hit out at the ‘unacceptable’ late postponement of their fixture with Belfast Giants on Friday night to make way for the group’s gig.”

One Direction usually has so many fans that only a stadium can accommodate the fans.

BBC Sport also reported on October 21 that the Belfast Giants’ head of operations stated, “The [concert] promoter and ourselves did everything we could to find other dates that would work [for One Direction] but in the end we had to go with what the arena and the promoter decided.”

In fact, the situation became very heated the day before the rescheduled One Direction show in Belfast, Ireland, on October 23 — and travel expenses was one of the issues yet again.

According to BT Sport, “We are disappointed the game isn’t proceeding not only for ourselves but for the many fans who have already booked their travel, hotel and game-night tickets. We certainly aren’t happy with the late postponement.”

Not so long ago, (about a week before Zayn Malik quit One Direction), the band was embroiled in yet another sports fan scandal — and travel plans was one of their beefs.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, instead of Irish hockey fans who were angered by One Direction’s ability to get a whole stadium for their personal use on a moment’s notice, this time the 1D beef from sports fans entailed a longterm agreement to use the Indonesian stadium that dated back to a year before One Direction was expected to play in Jakarta.

The Wall Street Journal reported on March 17 that One Direction was good to go because the stadium did not want to break their promises with 1D. After all, no one could anticipate that the football team would need the stadium to play a match in order to advance in the 2016 Asian Cup tournament.

Regardless of the fact that One Direction had a year-old contract, Jakarta football fans were furious. The Wall Street Journal clarified why Jakarta football fans were furious with One Direction in the following.

“For sports fans in Jakarta, a venue change would mean arranging travel hundreds of kilometers away to attend the match. Many are demanding that the concert be moved instead. ‘GBK is the place to play football, [it] is not a place for concerts,’ said Twitter user Ahmad Ridho.”

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