For Some Reason, Police Believe People Will Give Out Ecstasy And Other Pricey Illegal Drugs On Halloween

When Halloween draws near, people head out to get their costumes and candy and visit haunted houses and decorate. The fun holiday can also bring about warnings of not going anywhere alone and to beware of masked strangers or to check that razor blades weren’t slipped into your kids’ candy. Well, this year, police are warning that people will give out ecstasy and other highly expensive illegal drugs during trick-or-treating since kids will think they’re candy.

This most likely is not going to be happening.

Yes, as WSBTV reported, police in Mississippi and across the country are posting warnings for this Halloween. They are urging parents to carefully check the candy their children get in their trick-or-treat bags because some of them could be extremely dangerous illegal drugs.

As soon as one police station or state got wind of it, warnings started coming out from numerous cities and states.

While it’s true that people have tampered with Halloween candy before and that parents should still check what their kids get before they eat it, this is a bit extreme. Mental Floss even goes into detail that there are no indications that anyone has ever died from poisoned Halloween candy. Not randomly, that is.

Back in 1974, 8-year-old Timothy Marc O’Bryan died by eating a Pixie Stick that was laced with cyanide. It had been given to him by his father, but that’s really the only case on record that has been revealed.

ecstasy halloween candy mdma

There is always that chance that some person could put ecstasy or MDMA into your kid’s candy bag during trick-or-treating, but it isn’t very likely. Those drugs have an extremely high street value and it wouldn’t be like an addict or dealer or anyone that has it to just give it away.

All of this goes back to the same old Halloween urban legend that has been around for decades upon decades. Snopes points out that police are warning about this as if it’s something incredibly new, but it’s not. It’s more like a warning that goes out for people to simply be cautious and more careful with their children.

Yes, it is a serious situation and one that could/should be taken seriously, but it’s probably a very empty threat. Don’t look for Molly to be passed out this year on Halloween.

Warnings like this appear to get stronger, bigger, and stranger every single year.


ecstascy mdma gummi bears halloween candy

As you can see by the image, people should be cautious of drug-laced gummy bears. If there is a gummy bear out there that is laced with a drug that could make you brain dead or totally dead, then someone isn’t likely to be still around to hand it out.

This image has been passed around for a few years now and the dangerous drug isn’t even mentioned or described. It actually doesn’t even say that it’s drug-laced but just says it’s a strange-looking gummy bear that can essentially kill you.

For 2015, it’s the picture of ecstasy pills being passed around the Internet and everyone thinks this is what their children will come home with after a night of trick-or-treating. With the street value of a handful of pills being somewhere in the hundreds to thousands of dollars, don’t expect those pills/tablets to be given away so freely.

Halloween can be a weird holiday sometimes, or it can be one that’s a lot of fun. This year, it’s turned a little odd with the police warnings of ecstasy or MDMA or other expensive illegal drugs ending up in your kids’ trick-or-treat bags and mixed up with their candy. Don’t ignore the warnings completely, but don’t expect it to be too likely either.

[Images via Snopes/Facebook]