Louis Tomlinson Will Not Be Sitting On His Laurels During One Direction Hiatus

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson isn’t about to sit still when One Direction heads off on a year-long (at least) hiatus starting in March 2016. His schedule is filling up with plenty to keep himself busy.

For starters, the 23-year-old boy band superstar is going to show off his strong altruistic streak. Louis Tomlinson is planning on doing a bit more charity work in the off time, according to Xpose.ie.

“Being my age and being able to be in a position where I can help people out and give opportunities to other people is the most exciting thing to me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do aim to have a couple months’ downtime to see the family, go home, do all that stuff, but yeah, I do hope to be busy, as well.”

Louis Tomlinson

Even though One Direction is taking a break, the music isn’t about to stop, and Louis Tomlinson has made strong suggestions that he plans on working with his fellow 1D bandmate and frequent songwriting collaborator Liam Payne. There doesn’t appear to be solid plans yet to get together, but Tomlinson seems pretty confident it’s going to happen.

He told Entertainment Weekly, “We definitely will. I’m sure we will.”

Tomlinson has charity work to focus on, some songwriting with buddy Liam and, Louis is also going to be a new dad. It was a surprise to him, apparently, but it is a surprise he seems willing to embrace. It was revealed earlier in the year that Louis Tomlinson and his friend, stylist Briana Jungwirth, who is based in Los Angeles, will be having a baby. They aren’t in a romantic relationship, per se, but their friendship is solid, according to a source who spoke to People.

“They are both really happy and although they aren’t in a relationship, their friendship is extremely strong and they are both really excited about the baby.”

Louis Tomlinson is planning to be a hands-on kind of dad, so he has a big job ahead of him. He apparently already has some experience with babies, seeing as his own mother, Johannah, brought a set of twins into the world, Ernest and Doris, in February 2014.

Tomlinson has also been working on developing his own record label to help give young artists an opportunity. It was announced in spring 2015 that Louis would start the label, backed by Sony, which will be an imprint of Simon Cowell’s person label, SyCo. Tomlinson signed X Factor UK finalist Jack Walton as his first artist. While One Direction takes their break, he wants to focus on discovering new talent, including a new girl band.

Louis Tomlinson

So, there will be no resting on any laurels in 2016 when One Direction takes their much anticipated/dreaded break from being the hottest boy band on the planet. Tomlinson has a full plate and then some. And for all those who fear that this hiatus will spell the end of One Direction, fret not. Louis swears the band will get back together.

Louis Tomlinson

“Five years, five albums, four tours … I’m sure it appears alarming when we say we’re going on a break, but in reality, it’s such a normal thing. If you look at other bands and other artists, they [go on breaks] all the time. It really isn’t as big and dramatic as it’s been made out, but our intention and our love is for the band and that’s always going to be the case… I hope so, anyway.”

Don’t do that Louis! You are messing with everyone. No, the only answer is that One Direction will be back, or its legions of fans will go crazy. That’s what you meant to say, right Louis Tomlinson?

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