Janet Jackson Didn’t Mean To Suspend Instagram Accounts After Concert Footage Leaked

Janet Jackson is calling out to fans after Instagram suspended accounts over leaked concert footage from the singer’s tour. News broke when fans complained that the footage they took of the concert was removed by Instagram. In some cases, whole accounts were suspended. Most blamed the censorship on Janet Jackson herself.

According to the New York Post, fans started to complain when they saw a message from Instagram stating, “a third party reported that the content violates their copyright.”

Janet Jackson released a statement about fans accounts being suspended, and as an artist, what she disagreed with in terms of the content. As it turns out, Jackson didn’t mind that fans were sharing footage with other fans, what she did have a problem with was the length of the videos being taken. In some cases, almost full songs were posted.

“I want you to know that I enjoy watching the short clips of how you are Burning It Up at the Unbreakable shows. Please keep posting them. My team is passionate about protecting the intellectual property we are creating for the tour and possible future projects. It was never their intention, acting on my behalf, to have social media accounts removed.”

She continued, “Permitting the use of long clips does present a contractual problem for these projects. I hope you understand. I trust the fans will use their short recordings for their own memories and to share on their social media networks of choice.”

Instead of taking down accounts of Jackson fans, she has decided to take a different approach and said that her team will, “allow you to engage socially with these videos.”

Aside from the Instagram fiasco, Janet Jackson’s “Unbreakable” tour has been a huge success. As the Inquisitr reported, Jackson performs her new material, but also gives her fans that have been following her for decades a bit of a nostalgia tour, as she sings her old hits, with some of the same complex choreography that many considered legendary.

In addition, Jackson covered the song “Scream,” which she collaborated on with her late brother, Michael Jackson. Michael’s voice is still present when she performs the song, and it acts as a homage.

According to OC Register, Jackson’s concert date on October 16 at The Forum in Inglewood was very well received, but Jackson brought down the house when she performed “Rhythm Nation.”

It’s not just regular concert goers that are checking Janet Jackson’s tour out. Long time Janet Jackson fan Beyoncé took her daughter, Blue Ivy, to a recent concert during Jackson’s Inglewood show. Beyonce and her daughter went backstage to meet the famous singer after the show was over.

Jackson’s dancer, Taylor Hatala, shared the moment on Twitter, “So grateful I got the chance to meet @Beyonce and her beautiful daughter Blue Ivy at #unbreakableLA #Jbaby #Jlittle.”

In addition to Beyoncé, Channing Tatum and Queen Latifah were also in attendance.

During the show, Janet was surprised at the end of her show with the news that her album “Unbreakable” was No. 1 on Billboard, which makes its seventh time the legend topped the charts. During the concert, Jackson addressed the audience.

“I want to thank you for making the Unbreakable album No. 1.” She went on to say that her family has been in the entertainment industry “for 50 years.”

Jackson also gave California a shout out, as it was a truly special night.

[Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images]