Gain Remote Access To Vehicles In ‘GTA V’ With The New Online DLC Update, Earn Exclusive Unlocks This Weekend

Earlier this week, Rockstar Games once again added more online content to Grand Theft Auto V with the release of the Lowriders DLC. While the developer previously detailed the add-on’s new vehicle customization options at length, the DLC was introduced alongside GTA V Title Update 1.30, which brought loads of new features to the game.

Among the already extensive list of changes that were brought about through the Lowriders Update, Rockstar Games released the complete patch notes for this week’s new GTA Online content on their official support website. In addition to adding in the new full-service garage, the update also fixed several bugs, as well as added a few convenience features.

One of the more impressive new options allows players to remotely control their GTA Online vehicles via the in-game interaction menu. Gamers now have to access any personal vehicle from anywhere on GTA V‘s open-world map. As a result, fans can now partially operate vehicles from a distance. This includes options to turn the ignition, access the radio, and control lights, as well as open or close the doors of any vehicle that they own.

GTA Online: Lowriders Update weekend event

Rockstar Games will also be giving away exclusive caps throughout the weekend. Players simply need to log onto GTA Online each day during the event in order to receive the new clothing unlocks that will only be available this weekend.

“It’s no good having the flyest ride on the block if you don’t have the threads to match. So get lids as seen in the flyer above branded with the Magnetics, Low Santos, and of course the place where all the magic happens: Benny’s Original Motor Works. These caps are only available this weekend, so be sure to log in to GTA Online all three days to collect them all. As soon as you enter GTA Online on Friday, Saturday and Sunday each cap will automatically appear in your wardrobe.”

Since this week’s new online content wasn’t released on the original Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 editions of Grand Theft Auto V due to memory limitations, Rockstar Games will offer last-gen players with different bonuses as a consolation. This weekend, fans can earn double cash and RP rewards for completing any races on Xbox 360 or PS3.

GTA Online carshow

“This week only, Dynasty 8 is offering a one-time 25% REBATE on your next qualified purchase of a property with a 10-car garage. A deposit into your in-game Maze Bank account will be made by Friday, 10/30.”

Gamers need to a registered Rockstar Social Club account with a verified email to qualify for the rebate. Since a new property slot was released on Xbox 360 or PS3, select vehicles are on sale in last-gen versions of GTA Online instead.

What is your favorite new GTA V feature introduced in the new DLC update?

[Image via Rockstar Games]