Man Pleads Guilty to Squeezing Police Officer’s Testicles during Traffic Jam

Sam Charles Spuchess has pled guilty to a charge of serious assault in a Brisbane Australia District Court resulting from an August 30/08 altercation where he squeezed a police officers testicles.

During the RiverFestival’s fireworks display on August 30, police had blocked access to Brisbane’s Story Bridge for public safety. Police and the show officials had notified the public that the bridge would be closed but apparently Spuchess didn’t get the memo and tried to force his vehicle past the police blockade.

A road rage incident ensued where Spuchess tapped an officer with his car, yelled at police and tried to grab one officer’s torch (flashlight) and hit him with it. In the resulting scuffle, Spuchess grabbed the officer by the testicles and squeezed.

According to court records, Spuchess was upset that he was missing his wife’s birthday party because of the bridge closure.


The Judge took into account Spuchess mental state at the time of the incident, along with the fact he had no previous run-ins with the law and sentenced him to 12 months in jail, but released him for parole immediately.