‘Supernatural’ Spoilers: A New Monster, The Impala, And More

Supernatural will air a very different episode next Wednesday night. The episode will feature a different point of view. Fans will see the action faced by the Winchesters from the viewpoint of Dean’s treasured Impala.

The episode, Supernatural Season 11 Episode 4, is titled “Baby.” Some fans might assume they might learn more about Amara on the episode, but that is not likely. Dean has often called his beloved ride “baby” on the series, and the car is finally getting the focus.

Supernatural did have a talking dog help Dean and Sam solve a case once, after all. Dean was just the only person that could hear the dog talk.

Carter Matt shared the synopsis for this Supernatural episode.

“Seen entirely from the point of view of the Impala, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) go on a road trip to fight monsters and demons.”

Spoiler TV shared the first preview for the episode on Wednesday night, and it gives fans just a glimpse at the episode. The preview shows Sam and Dean dealing with a monster they have never dealt with before. It sounds like a mix of werewolf and vampire – Dean and Sam try to name it during this preview. For fans of The Originals, the appropriate term might be “hybrid.” The preview does not show the car “in action” and sharing its point of view.

Jared Padalecki did tease a bit about this episode to Entertainment Weekly last month. The episode is a departure from the Amara story line taking over the series for Season 11, but Supernatural is known to go off course, especially around Halloween time each year.

“It’s done in a very clever Supernatural way, mind you, but episode four is a very cool episode. It’s all about the Impala. We’ve had this third lead character for 10 seasons strong and, we’re not revealing a personality, but we see just how much a part of the Winchesters’ lives it is. [There’s] a bit of everything: the obligatory Sam-and-Dean-talk-over-the-hood-of-the-Impala, or Sam-and-Dean-talk-in-the-Impala. You kind of see the Impala in work in all these scenes from seasons past where we haven’t necessarily know where it is or known how it got there. You see just how crucial a character it is.”

Dean has made it known that the car is important to him in the past, but this episode will try to show in a new light. TV Line also shared a brief teaser for the episode on Thursday. The news outlet shared that the episode is “an ‘Impala love letter’ featuring ‘a surprise that should delight longtime fans.’ She also reports that the hour boasts ‘several fantastic music cues, a rather poignant talk between the brothers in their beloved car and Baby’s first valet experience!'”

Season 11 has brought in a new big bad. This time, it is Amara – the darkness that was unleashed at the start of the season. Through the first three episodes of the season, Amara has been a baby and a little girl. Some might say most of her behavior up to this point has been that of a spoiled brat.

However, at the end of this week’s episode, the little girl was a teenager after consuming another soul. Fans may see more of her evil behavior unleashed as she becomes older.

It appears fans will not see Amara on the next episode because Sam and Dean will have a new monster to track down, but fans will need to watch on Wednesday to find out.

Are you curious to see how the next episode highlights Dean’s Impala? Are you still a fan of this CW series? Supernatural will continue to air on The CW on Wednesday nights following Arrow.

[Image via The CW]