Applebee’s Takes Aim at Social Media Users in Series of Mocking Ads

Hey, if you think you’re better than Applebee’s with their gallon of fun-sized, “rita”-appended drinks and variety of popperz-themed foods, Applebee’s wants you to know that they’re looking down on you, too, Ms. I’m Too Fancy For Appetizer Samplers.

Applebee’s may draw ire from self-proclaimed foodies across America for their ubiquitous scourge of uninspired, tepid cuisine for people who find the mall an adventurous and novel way to spend a day off, but the company is aware of this whole social media trend, they’ll have you know.

And while pinners may favor handmade butters, artisanal breads and soups that come from actual ingredients instead of having been squished from a giant plastic bag by a sweaty server, Applebee’s finds your practices pretty sad, too.

Or so a new series of ads roundly critiquing social media users as losers who never leave the house suggests.

The ads in question aren’t really insulting or offensive in any way, it’s just kind of funny to speak from a position of being cooler by appearing in public at an Applebee’s. The shopping center staple’s menu isn’t known for innovation or even freshness, and the venues themselves are hardly hotspots.

applebees facebook

Three ads separately skewer women who enjoy Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, insinuating that the camaraderie that occurs over social networks is not comparable to the kind that occurs in real life. You know, like at Applebee’s, over a plate of Skinz and a pitcher of some Midori-infused, sickly sweet date rape horror beverage.

applebees tumblr

Below, Applebee’s social media-themed ads- you can go get made fun of more by Applebee’s by heading over to, a Tumblr dedicated to how much of a loser being on social media makes you, according to the restaurant.