Lamar Odom Update: Speech Improving, ‘More Cognitively Responsive’ — Odom’s Family Updates Public About Lamar’s ‘Aggressive’ Los Angeles Therapy

Lamar Odom is speaking better after his health ordeal left him at the brink of death. According to a new report from the Associated Press, Lamar’s family has updated the public about Odom’s health on Thursday, stating that Lamar is speaking better via his therapy rehabilitation in Los Angeles.

Plenty has happened during the time since Lamar was found at the Love Ranch in a state that left him unconscious and eventually in a coma. Khloe has dismissed the pending divorce case with Lamar, as reported by the Inquisitr. In return, Odom promised Kardashian that he would no longer do any drugs, and since Lamar swore off drugs — a big point of contention throughout the duo’s marriage — Khloe took Lamar back and has remained at his side throughout his medical ordeal.

Ironically, with Kardashian’s decision to call off the divorce also comes the news that Khloe might quit Keeping Up with the Kardashians, in order to focus on her marriage to Lamar and his healing. It’s a decision that sources say Kris Jenner is none too happy with, even as new promos from the show, which premieres November 15, are playing on YouTube and TV and elsewhere. Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been a financially lucrative reality TV show and has aired for more than a decade. Some fans, however, criticize the way the show is set up — and some say faked — and the effect that the white-hot spotlight can have upon participants.

With Odom experiencing very serious symptoms as a result of taking 10 herbal Viagra pills called Reload, which the FDA discovered contained the active ingredients in Viagra and recommended consumers throw away, along with the cocaine reportedly found in Odom’s system, Lamar experienced a death-defying situation whereby his organs were failing.

However, his turnaround is being called miraculous, even if Odom isn’t completely out of the woods yet and is still on dialysis. According to the latest AP report, Odom’s speech is getting better in the days since Lamar was discovered at the Nevada brothel known as the Love Ranch. JaNean Mercer is Lamar’s aunt, and Mercer released a statement via her publicist, Alvina Alston.

“[Lamar] is beginning to gradually flourish both mentally and physically. His use of speech has increased and he’s more cognitively responsive.”

Although the exact details of Lamar’s treatment haven’t been disclosed to the public, Odom’s aunt’s PR rep did says that Odom is undergoing therapy that’s “aggressive” in nature. The news that Lamar’s health is flourishing is a boon to folks who believed Odom was at death’s door less that one week ago.

With Odom and Khloe filing the petition to dismiss their divorce, which had been pending for quite some time and was set to be finalized soon, fans of the couple are no doubt happy that they are giving their marriage another try. However, the way the divorce dismissal was requested, it allowed for the divorce papers to have the option of being refiled at a later time. Once the stars of their own spin-off show, Lamar and Khloe likely will not choose to display Odom’s recovery on reality TV, but that decision won’t be known until a later date. With Caitlyn Jenner displaying much of her transition on reality TV, stranger things have happened.

Also, the reality TV world can be a financial boon to folks in the Kardashian Family, even though it is also blamed for causing problems in marriages and unions, like a double-edged sword.

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